5 Unique Ways To Make Extra Money In College

By GoBankingRates.com. May 7th 2016

When it comes to being broke, no one plays the role better than a college student. Whether they make a four-course meal out of [|]Ramen noodles[:|] or carpool with a headcount of seven people, students always try to figure out the best way to make the most of what they have.

But scrounging for cash between the cushions or flat-out being broke doesn't have to be a way of life. In fact, there are many ways for college students to make money. With a little creativity, mostly by selling services to classmates, students can stand to make considerable cash for their savings fund.

5 Business Ideas for College Students

College students are believed to live a crazy dorm life with wild parties, and brief moments of intellectual stimulation. For the most part, these assumptions are correct. But one thing some students don't account for is the lack of cash flow they'd experience when attending a university.

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Students who need more cash but can't think of ways to make extra money while attending class, can turn to these five business ideas for college students that may help pull in additional income.

1. Become A Tutor

Those gifted in a particular subject like it math, science or English could offer their wealth of knowledge to students in the form of [|]tutoring services[:|]. Keep in mind that some colleges and universities offer tutoring services for free, so consider expanding your services through the internet.

2. Style Or Cut Hair

Talent hair stylists who live in a small college town where great hair professionals are hard to find may be able to make a killing as an in-house stylist. Find out what college buddies pay at their current stylist, then charge a little less. Even better, consider sweetening the deal by stopping by their dorm rooms to provide the service.

3. Write Online

[|]Writing online[:|] for a living is completely possible, particularly for a college student who doesn't necessarily need the cash to make ends meet. Students with a love for writing, can take time to explore writing opportunities available as a freelancer.

4. Clean Fraternity And Sorority Houses

Members of major fraternities and sororities often live in huge houses near their college campuses. With so many members living in one place, there's no doubt that these houses could use a good scrubbing. One of the ways to save money and earn some extra cash, is to set up a little cleaning business with a specialty in Greek houses.

5. Sell Class Notes

Avid class attendees and organized note-takers can do their classmates the great service of sharing lecture notes with other students. Consider selling class notes to students who don't feel like showing up. You might be surprised by the number of students who are willing to pay for your valuable information.

Saving Money In College

Being in college is all about experimentation, ingenuity and growth. What better way for a student to grow their bank account funds than to start a business and learn their entrepreneurial potential in the process?

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By examining passions and taking a look at where talents lie, college students may become one of those lucky college-grown entrepreneurs (does Mark Zuckerberg ring a bell?) who builds such an amazing enterprise in college that it extends into a well-paying job after graduation. If nothing else, students can earn extra cash to avoid being a starving college student.

By Stacey Bumpus of GoBankingRates.com

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