4 Useful Online Retirement Calculators

May 7th 2016


AARP's retirement calculator uses a simple, three-step process to plan your retirement. Click the Start Now button to begin, and then input information such as your marital status, age, the age you plan on retiring, household income and amount you save each year. Click the Continue button and then input how much money you already have in retirement accounts, pensions and Social Security. Choose your lifestyle from one of three options, including a more modest way of life, the same way you live now or a more extravagant lifestyle.

The final calculation states how much you need to save before you retire, and if you need to start saving more. A colorful graph shows how much shortfall you may have at different ages if you fail to set aside more money before you stop working.


Bankrate.com has several calculators for specific retirement plans, including a 401(k), Roth IRA and traditional IRA. Each online calculator takes into account your income tax bracket, contribution limits, current age and retirement age. These simple tools have a few blanks to input numbers on one screen to keep your calculations simple and direct.


The retirement calculator on Schwab.com assesses your current age, retirement age and one of five investment styles before examining your income, savings, future savings, Social Security age and how much you plan to spend in retirement annually. Portfolios go from low-risk models including retirement accounts and IRAs, to higher-risk investments such as stocks. Your retirement analysis shows how much you have saved versus how much you need to set aside based on the amount you want to spend each year once you stop working. Moving a slider bar to the right or left alters the graph, and you can watch in real time what happens when you make changes to the data.

CNN Money

CNN Money has a simple retirement calculator that fits within one small frame of its webpage. Input your current age, retirement age, amount set aside so far, current income and the savings rate. The bar graph changes to show how much money you need to save before you retire, and how much money you may have at your retirement age at the current pace.


A retirement calculator helps you ascertain how much money you need to save in order to achieve a financial goal by a certain age. Several websites from financial companies, retirement groups and government agencies contain online retirement calculators that give you a good idea of what must happen now to achieve your goals for when your stop working. Follow this handy guide to use some of the best retirement calculators on the Web.

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