4 Great Reasons to Rent a Townhome

May 7th 2016

When people think about renting a home, they often imagine renting a single-family house or an apartment unit in a larger complex. Many cities all over the country offer tons of options for houses, apartments and condo units to rent. While renting either a traditional apartment or house certainly has its perks, many people overlook the great option of renting a townhome. A townhome or townhouse differs from a traditional house or apartment in that it is a type of medium-density housing that usually has multiple small floors. Townhomes are usually terraced or semi-detached, and they often share walls with the houses that are adjancent to them.  Townhouses also usually exist in complexes. Townhomes can both be bought or rented, and complexes featuring townhomes to rent can be found in cities all throughout the country (and world!). If you are considering renting a townhome for your home, or you want to know more about its benefits, then check out the list below. It contains four great reasons to choose a townhome as your rental option.

Privacy for Roommates

One of the best parts about living in a townhome is that it exists on multiple small levels, so it’s a great living arrangement for roommates. Living in small apartments or single-level homes can feel cramped, especially when living with people you don’t know that well. Townhomes often give tenants the opportunity to have an entire floor to themselves, offering much more privacy and space than a traditional house or apartment. With stairs between levels, tenants in a townhome can feel that they have their own space when they want, but still have the company of roommates or neighbors in their complex when they so choose.

Extra Amenities

Nearly all townhome rentals offer the amenities of an apartment building with the feel of a house. Townhouses usually have a laundry hookup for a washer and dryer. This is different than large apartment buildings with multiple units, which rarely offer that perk inside each individual unit. Having the ability to do your laundry and complete tedious at-home tasks without having to leave the comfort of your own home to go to a separate laundry facility or nearby laundromat is a great perk of renting a townhouse.


Townhomes are usually built adjacent to one another, with townhomes often sharing inner walls. Therefore, neighbors live in close proximity to one another and often have the opportunity to get to know each other and create tight communities. Thus, townhomes often have a safe atmosphere because neighbors can keep watch over each other’s houses and can hear suspicious noises or spot suspicious people around. In detached and single-family houses, the homes are usually farther apart, and it’s harder for neighbors to see unusual happenings around each other’s homes.

Exterior Space

While renting a townhome still (usually) leaves the building maintenance up to the building owner or manager, superintendents and building management rarely maintain tenants’ own gardens or any extra planting they do. Thus, a townhome rental offers the opportunity to have a small garden of your own, without the outdoor space becoming overwhelming. Single-family homes usually come with larger lawns and gardens to be maintained; townhomes give you the same interior space and feel as a house and also the same opportunity to do some gardening, but without the need to do too much yard work.

A townhome could be your next best move when it comes to housing. Start researching townhomes in your area to find the best deals nearby- you just might be pleasantly surprised.

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