Increasing Your Chances of Qualifying for an Online Personal Loan

May 7th 2016

Improve Credit Score

Lenders, both online and at traditional lending institutions, seek loan applicants who have a solid credit history. Borrowers can improve their credit score by making on-time payments and lowering their overall debt ratio by paying down high-limit credit cards. Individuals who establish a long-term employment record and have the funds to repay loans also increase their chances of showing online lenders they are a good fit for obtaining a personal loan.

Pay Off Loans

People generally have a variety of loans, such as student loans, vehicle loans or an existing mortgage. Lenders seek candidates who pay down or pay off these loans in a timely manner. A high debt ratio can impact the decision to offer a personal loan to a borrower, especially when home or vehicle equity is lacking.

Establish a Savings Account

Online lenders request information about bank accounts, and people with low balances in these accounts are not as attractive as those who show they have a pool of money to fall back on when paying off debts. To appeal to lenders, individuals seeking a personal loan should make an effort to build a savings account and make consistent deposits.

Investigate Lenders

Scams that target borrowers are rampant online. People seeking a personal loan should investigate all lenders. Major banks often turn down individuals with credit scores below 700 or offer a personal loan with a significantly higher interest rate. Borrowers should seek a lender that caters to their financial situation and offers loans to people with varying credit scores.

Compile Financial Documentation

Borrowers should find and present all financial documentation when applying for an online personal loan. Lenders may require individuals to upload or electronically submit pay stubs, bank records and an explanation of the purpose of the personal loan. Some borrowers may have to provide a statement about their credit history or debt-to-income ratio if lenders have concerns.


Individuals who apply for a personal loan online and at lending institutions often face frustration when their credit is less than perfect. It is important to understand what online lenders are looking for in loan applicants to increase chances of obtaining the funding needed. People can improve their borrowing opportunities and secure an online personal loan by taking the steps necessary to show they are good candidates.

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