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May 7th 2016

The United States government supports many different grant programs, which are created and dispersed by various federal agencies. There are currently 25 different federal agencies that are actively seeking grant proposals from individual citizens, as well as research and development groups. The goal of these federal agency grants is not to simply give out free money, but to spend federal funds wisely on projects that will benefit each department. The following US agencies are regularly involved in the federal grant program:

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  • Agency for International Development - This agency welcomes project proposals that will help establish strong infrastructures throughout the world.
  • Corporation for National and Community Service - One of the biggest resources for federal grants, this agency is dedicated to providing opportunities to citizens and groups in America to volunteer and offer their time to worthy causes.
  • Department of Agriculture - Agriculture is an evolving industry that faces many different challenges; grants are issued from this department to target conservation and better food resource management.
  • Department of Commerce - This department is responsible for promoting economic growth throughout the country.
  • Department of Defense - Responsible for protecting the citizens and resources of the United States, the Department of Defense is also in charge of humanitarian and evacuation efforts.
  • Department of Education - Where parents, students and schools do not have funding, the Department of Education is responsible for helping to make ends meet and providing reliable administration.
  • Department of Energy - This agency relies on the work of top-notch designers, engineers and scientists with ideas on how to modify the existing energy plans in the United States and make them more sustainable.
  • Department of Health and Human Services - For the multitude of Americans who are unable to provide themselves with decent health services, this agency provides funds. 
  • Department of Homeland Security - Homeland Security is dedicated to keeping the country secure from terrorism, both internal and external.
  • Department of Housing and Urban Development - This agency is responsible for creating affordable housing. Proposals from city planners and community development groups are the most successful with this department.
  • Department of the Interior - Responsible for the cultural landscape, this department accepts grant proposals from people in the arts, as well as social researchers.
  • Department of Justice - This agency oversees court rulings to ensure that legislation throughout the United States is effective and fair.
  • Department of Labor – This department is responsible for maintaining and providing workers' rights and protecting retirement and welfare funds.
  • Department of State - This agency oversees many projects, including the maintenance and security of a democratic system.
  • Department of the Treasury - The Treasury is responsible for all things monetary, including good accounting practices.
  • Department of Veterans Affairs - Veterans have an evolving set of needs, including retirement funds, health care and job support.
  • Environmental Protection Agency - The EPA must respond to environmental complaints, disasters and potential hazards and provide solutions.
  • Institute of Museum and Library Services - This is a broad agency dedicated to cultural preservation and some archive services.
  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration - NASA is a well-known agency whose grant money only goes toward further research and technological advancement in the fields of air and space exploration.
  • National Archives and Records Administration - This agency is largely administrative, which means that grant proposals should be along the same lines.
  • National Endowment for the Arts - The arts are an industry that America is proud of, but it is difficult for many artists to find funding for projects. This department can provide grants to individuals and groups with bold and innovative plans.
  • National Endowment for the Humanities – This agency is dedicated to supporting and maintaining projects and organizations within the humanities, such as anthropology, archaeology and women's studies.
  • National Science Foundation - This agency actively provides funding to university programs throughout America and seeks to advance scientific knowledge and methodology.
  • Small Business Administration - Small businesses face a myriad of challenges. The SBA can help with funding and business strategies.
  • Social Security Administration - Social Security programs are in place to provide support for Americans in terms of health, finances and housing.

Each of these agencies routinely solicits grant proposals from US citizens and, more commonly, from US organizations and research groups. Any citizen or group is welcome to apply, so long as they meet the specific requirements for each grant.


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