Where To Find Grocery Coupons Online And Off

By Alexandra Kerr. May 7th 2016

Grocery store coupons have become increasingly popular with the rise in food prices and high demand for deals. While coupon hunters used to require stacks of newspapers to find the best coupons for their grocery shopping, online coupon retailers and collection websites make finding them easier than ever. If you opt for more modern solutions over scouring your local newspaper, search coupon websites for the best deals at your favorite grocery stores, or hire a coupon clipping service to hand pick, cut and mail your desired coupons to you.

Where To Find Printable Grocery Store Coupons For Free

If you decide to search for your grocery store coupons online, a variety of websites have developed databases collecting thousands of browsable, printable and free coupons.

  • Simply click on the grocery or food category of coupon websites like CouponMountain.com, then select the grocery store you would like a coupon for.
  • Retail stores like Walmart and Target, who sell food along with other merchandise, are often also included, allowing you to browse coupons for everything you may need on a shopping trip, on top of groceries.
  • While most coupon websites offer coupon codes or printable coupons for free, some may charge. Check which sites offer their coupons without membership fees.
  • Check the websites of your favorite grocery brands, as they often include coupons for their products.
  • Be sure to verify with your local grocery stores that they accept internet printed coupons (IPC), as some will not, due to fraud issues.

Clipping Services

Another option for obtaining grocery coupons is to utilize a coupon clipping service. Perfect for anyone who requires a large amount of coupons, or who does not get coupons in their local newspaper, clipping services will find and cut out specific coupons for you, then mail them to your home. This service is not free, and you will be charged both for the service and the shipping. Some coupon clipping services even sell binders and plastic sheets to organize your coupons, if you are a frequent user and often buy many coupons at a time. Major coupon clipping services include:

  • The Coupon Clippers
  • Coupon Clipper (different from "The Coupon Clippers")
  • Stockpiling Moms
  • Bliss Coupons

Finding Coupons In Newspapers

Finding coupons in your local newspaper remains the classic choice for grocery coupons. If you like to shop at chain grocery stores and local businesses, the newspaper is a good place to find both.

  • Simply pick up as many papers as you need to get the amount of coupons you will require.
  • Other weekly newsletters and magazines around your town are another good place to look for grocery store coupons.
  • Some magazines are free, offering a convenient local source for as many coupons as your need.
  • Check larger newspapers, typically on Sundays, for coupon inserts or booklets. These often contain special or higher valued coupons for local and chain grocery stores. While Sunday newspapers are not free, they are a convenient way to have grocery coupons delivered to your home.

Depending on your needs, you may find coupons online or in the newspaper suits you better. Online coupon collection websites, along with coupon clipping services, offer custom orders of all the coupons you need. For a convenient, local source, simply check your daily and weekly newsletters, along with any other publications around town.

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