Five Questions to Ask a Luxury Home Builder

May 7th 2016
You're finally in the market for a luxury home builder to get your dream home built from scratch, built to match the house you've always thought of when you browsed interior decorating websites and magazines. You get to choose the plans, the fixtures and everything else that goes into the home. As excited as you are about finally getting the luxury house you deserve, give each contractor careful consideration to ensure that they meet your stylistic and deadline needs, before you end up breaking ground for the foundation. 
1. Do you specialize in luxury homes?
More of an emphasis these days is put on green building these days, with many housing construction companies looking into green technology. Check through their previous project portfolio to see if they have built similar style homes before, and check contractor rating websites, such as Angie's List, to get an idea of the experiences previous customers have had. If possible, get local word of mouth recommendations as well. 
2. What licenses and insurance do you have? You want to know that your house is built entirely up to code, that you're working with established professionals and that you aren't going to have issues if natural disasters occur and the builders aren't insured. Check out the paperwork and licensing before you choose a home builder, so you don't have any major regrets if an unfortunate situation ends up occurring. 
3. How can I reach the builders and the company? Customer service is an important facet to the home building process that many homeowners don't think about until there's a problem with the builders. You want to reach the higher-ups at the company in case the builders and contractors on site are causing issues or not keeping up with the timetable. Make sure you have at least two forms of contact information for several supervisors, managers, or foremen on the job so can get in touch with the right person in case of emergencies or urgent matters.
4. Is there a warranty in place? A house is a huge investment, especially when you're getting all of the bells and whistles associated with a luxury home. Make sure that if something goes wrong within the initial settling in period, the builder is willing to provide ongoing customer support to fix the issues. That way, you aren't left in the cold with a house that isn't build to perfection.
5. Who does the final walkthrough? You want to have an unbiased eye looking for problems during the final walkthrough so you know whether anything needs to be addressed before you move in. See if the luxury home builder provides a third-party service for this or if you need to provide your own. You don't want to sign off on the project if there are glaring issues, and since you aren't in construction yourself, you aren't really going to know what to look for unless it is incredibly obvious. Having an advocate for your needs helps you avoid messy contract issues down the road. 
You don't want to reach the end of the home building process and realize that the builder didn't meet your needs. These questions make the luxury house construction process as smooth as it could possibly be. They also save you the trouble of needing to sell off the home so you can try again with another builder. Take the time to do as much pre-planning as possible so you end up with the home of your dreams instead of dealing with the contractor of your nightmares. 

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