10 Most Affordable Honeymoon Destinations

By Mark Di Vincenzo. May 7th 2016

If you want to honeymoon on the cheap, it is not hard to do. You can drive to the nearest campgrounds and pitch a tent or you can rent a camper van and head to the nearest tourist trap.

But this article is skipping those bare-bones options and focusing on some places where honeymoon couples can experience some comfort and not pay a lot for it. Here are 10 affordable honeymoon destinations (in no particular order).

1. Outer Banks, North Carolina

This sliver of beach in northeast North Carolina doesn’t have a lot of fancy resorts or restaurants, but it offers high dunes, great beaches and ocean-side hotels that cost as little as $75 a night, depending on when you go. The Outer Banks also offers a lot of privacy, especially between November and May when most tourists are gone. That’s also a time when some restaurants and other businesses are closed, but many remain open year round. None of the small airports there accept commercial aircraft, so you’ll probably drive there. If you do, buy gasoline in Virginia or South Carolina. Gasoline costs more in North Carolina.

2. Puerto Rico

Unless you already live there, you’ll have to fly to Puerto Rico. But prices for lodging and food are less than in most other Caribbean islands. If you have a choice, May probably is the best month to go there. The peak tourist season starts in December and ends in April, not coincidentally the coldest months of the year in the United States and Canada. High temperatures in Puerto Rico barely vary, ranging from 80 degrees in January to 86 degrees in September. However, the summer months can be humid and rainy and hurricanes can ruin Puerto Rican vacations in September and October. That leaves May, when crowds are smaller and many resorts slash their rates to attract tourists.

3. Key West

This is an obvious choice for younger couples, especially those who like the beach and the bar scene. Chances are, the weather will be great whenever you go, but expect to pay less in the summer. Key West is a popular winter escape for northerners, and that is when it costs the most to stay there. Go in the summer when you’ll pay half of what you pay in the winter months, and enjoy swimming and snorkeling. To save more money, fly into Miami or Fort Lauderdale, rent a car and enjoy awesome scenery on your way to the Keys.

4. Fort Lauderdale

Speaking of Fort Lauderdale, it is cheaper than Miami Beach or West Palm Beach, but its beaches and 185 miles of canals – it is the “Venice of America,” after all -- make it a romantic spot. Just make sure you stay away during Spring Break week when hundreds of thousands of college kids are there and turn the city into a wild party.

5. Niagara Falls

This might be the most honeymoon destination on the list and it is especially affordable if you go in the fall. October is a great month because it is off season so fewer tourists are there and you can get extra value because the fall foliage is bright and beautiful then. The Maid of the Mist and other boats operate until the end of the month so you can get an up-close view of the falls. Heartier souls love Niagara Falls in the winter when hotels offer big discounts and tourists are at their annual low, but it’s usually bitter cold and the boats don’t run then. Better to snuggle in your hotel room.

6. Cape Cod, Massachusetts

The summer is a busy time at the Cape, but the other nine months provide a calm and intimate environment that many couples find very romantic. Not only that, but discounted room rates for bed and breakfasts and hotels in the offseason are very affordable as are many of the restaurants that remain open year round.

7. Las Vegas

Vegas is more than a popular place to elope. After you get married there, stay and have a good time. There are hotels for just about any budget and room rates are especially low in July and August and January and February. In July and August, it is blazing hot there and hotels offer great rates to lure folks. And in January and February they do the same, trying to attract folks from cold-weather climates during what usually is a slow period. Las Vegas is also known for its huge all-you-can-eat buffets.

8. Cancun, Mexico

Sure, Cancun has become a popular Spring Break destination, but if you go any other time of the year you’ll find wonderful resorts that cater to couples and offer great, all-you-can-eat buffets at great prices. Cancun also has great beaches, snorkeling and fishing trips and historic Indian ruins.

9. Yellowstone

If you love the outdoors, there is no better place to explore beautiful terrain on foot or horseback. The nation's first national park offers a wide range of lodging, from a rustic cabin to the historic Lake Yellowstone Hotel, all at reasonable prices, especially during the off season.

10. Tucson, Arizona

If you go to Tucson, you’re almost guaranteed sunny weather and affordable hotels are easy to find. There is a lot to do there. Hike, bike or ride part of the 800-mile Arizona Trail. Visit the casinos. Explore the caves and caverns. Don’t forget to eat some delicious Mexican food which can be had just about anywhere.

The bottom line is that your honeymoon doesn’t have to break the bank. Do your homework ahead of time and you can have a relaxing and affordable honeymoon with your new spouse.


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