How To Volunteer From Your Home

May 7th 2016
Each year, there are literally thousands of volunteer positions that open up to people around the world, yet it seems as if there are never enough people to fill them. While individuals often have their favorite causes, they may not have the ability, the time or the financial means to travel to remote global locations where many volunteer organizations are headquartered.

The Solution: Volunteering From Home

The good news is that there are ways to provide valuable time and support without leaving the comfort of your home. Many charities and non-profits have opportunities for you to volunteer from your home so you can still participate. Let’s take a look at some ways you can start giving of your time and resources while managing the other aspects of your life.

Local Volunteer Opportunities at Home

Chances are, there are many volunteer positions right in your own community. From civic groups and religious centers to educational and social service organizations, there’s bound to be some home-based volunteer opportunities. For example, Habitat for Humanity, a non-profit dedicated to providing affordable housing for low-income families, has several ways you can volunteer from home, including recruiting others to participate in house building events.

Consider helping raise awareness about hunger by writing letters to local businesses asking them to contribute to a community food bank. Collect toys for a local orphanage and then distribute them during the holidays. Ask local human service organizations if they need assistance with researching and writing grant letters to help them obtain the necessary funding they need to stay afloat.   

National Volunteer Opportunities from Home

On a national level, you can volunteer from your own or neighborhood and still be part of something that makes your heart smile. The American Red Cross is a good example of a charitable organization that likes getting help from home-based volunteers. You can become a digital advocate, spreading awareness via social media, calling donors to schedule them to come in for blood draws, and helping to raise money for important programs while you go about your other matters.

The March of Dimes, an organization that’s focused on helping mothers have healthy, full-term babies also offers national volunteer opportunities from home. These can include organizing a neighborhood walk or baby shower to increase awareness, sharing the March of Dimes free mobile app with others and writing articles to share their latest research information.

Global Home Volunteer Opportunities

If you are interested in supporting your favorite international causes, there are countless volunteer opportunities you can accomplish from your home. UNICEF, a global organization dedicated to advocating for the rights and the wellness of children, has multiple volunteer roles that can be completed remotely. In the USA, UNICEF offers volunteer roles and activities that anyone can do, from high school clubs to charitable events. Consider a fundraiser that you can promote online through your social media pages or by distributing flyers to local neighborhoods.

Concerned about global warming and the impact of greenhouse gases on the world? Then volunteering from home for the Environmental Defense Fund may be for you. This organization works on advocating for international environmental causes and prevention of damage to natural resources that are quickly disappearing. Volunteering for the EDF from home can include writing letters to local politicians and Congress asking them to support laws that protect natural resources, sharing recent environmental articles and re-tweeting their posts on Twitter.

As you can see, having a positive impact doesn’t have to involve a lot of time, money or even leaving the comfort of your home. You can support your favorite causes and charities by volunteering in a home-based role for one of the above organizations.

Helpful Tips for Volunteering from Home

  • Sign up for email updates      and alerts at your cause to keep abreast of important news and activities.     
  • Keep a regular schedule      for your volunteer work so you don’t forget to devote time to your cause.
  • Bring other volunteers on      board by sharing your experience with friends, family and co-workers.
  • Get your employer behind      your volunteer work to earn time off for events and charitable donations. 

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