How To Save Money On Haircuts

By Alexandra Kerr. May 7th 2016

Getting a haircut, style and color can be an expensive luxury. Rather than shelling out hundreds of dollars each time you need a trim, consider some of the following money saving tricks for getting the look you want without emptying your wallet.

Find Salon Coupons, Discounts And Specials

One great way to keep visiting your favorite hair salon without breaking the bank is waiting for salon specials, finding coupons or qualifying for discounts.

  • Loyalty Programs

Many salons offer customer loyalty programs for continually coming to them for haircuts, color or styles. Often, customers will receive a card or paper marking the date and type of service received, which can eventually be redeemed for free or discounted services. While loyalty programs may not give you a reduced price immediately, or every time you visit the salon, they can be a great way to help reduce spending over time.

  • New Salons

New salons often feature reduced pricing on many services to attract new clientele. While you won't know the stylists, trying out a new salon in your city can be a good way to get your favorite hair treatment for less, and possibly discover your new preferred salon.

  • Salon Coupons

Check online, in the salon and in newspapers for salon coupons offering discounts on various services. Coupon websites like also offer coupons for major salons like Great Clips. Try going to the salon's website, local news, event and lifestyle websites and checking local newspaper and magazines.

  • Promotions

Salons often run promotional discounts for new services, or to gain exposure for unique or popular services. Check your salon's website or stop in and ask if they will be featuring any promotions with discounted services in the near future. Some salons even feature discounts on men's haircuts around the time of specific sporting events, and discounts on women's styling around spring proms. Planning your next haircut, style or color during these times will help reduce the overall cost, especially if combined with a coupon and/or loyalty program.

Visit A Beauty School

While it may seem like you're taking a risk, visiting a beauty school is a great way to receive a full haircut, style and color for a dramatically reduced price. Beauty school students are constantly in need of hair to practice and refine their skills on, and frequently take clients at highly discounted rates.

Training stylists at salons can also often be hired for a reduced rate, as they are not the primary stylist most people visit the salon for. If you can trust your hair with a beauty school student or hair stylist in training, this is one of the best ways to cut your hair care costs in half (or more!).

Extend Your Time Between Stylings

It's hard to say no when you're eager for a new hair style, but extending the time you wait in between cuts, styles and colors is another way to cut back on yearly hair care expenses. Visiting the salon once every two months rather than every four weeks can save you hundreds of dollars a year. To ensure that your hair stays healthy in between visits, consider the following:

  • Hair Maintenance

The harder you work to maintain healthy hair, the less often you will need cuts and conditioning treatments at the salon. Taking simple steps to reduce damage will prevent the need for salon priced treatments. When possible, do not blow dry, straighten or curl your hair to prevent heat damage, and reduce how often your hair requires trimming.

  • Color management

If you color your hair, it is essential that you use a shampoo designed for color treated hair. Normal shampoos quickly strip the color from your hair, undoing the expensive coloring you paid for at the salon, and making another visit necessary much sooner. Purchase a color care shampoo at your salon or at the drug store to ensure you are not undoing the hair treatments you visited the salon for in the first place.

  • Conditioning

For anyone with medium to long length hair, conditioning is essential to maintain its health. Allowing your hair to become dry and brittle will only further increase the frequency of salon treatments and trims, upping your yearly hair care costs. Take the time to keep your hair moisturized and conditioned, improving its overall appearance and strength.

Do It Yourself

Last but not least, if you are able, simply cut and color your hair yourself. For men with short hair, asking a friend to use an electric trimmer to cut their hair is easy and cheap. For women with one, solid hair color rather than highlights or lowlights, purchasing color crème and developer from a beauty supply store typically costs around $30, dramatically less than a salon color.

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