The Best Ways To Save Money On Gas

By Ashley Henshaw. May 7th 2016

The rising costs of fuel have been tough on everyone, but there are several easy tricks to getting more for your money when you fill up at the pump.

Drive Smart

Avoid Driving Fast. According to the Department of Energy, every 5 mph over 60 mph adds $0.29 to the cost of each gallon of gas.

Don’t Drive Aggressively. You can attain massive savings just by slowing down the time you take to accelerate and the time you take to brake. If you’re out on the highway, put on the cruise control and avoid the urge to pass other cars unless necessary.

Avoid Idling Your Car. Sitting in one place with the car running wastes fuel that should be used when you’re in motion. In general, shut off your car if you plan to sit in one place for more than a minute. This can make a big difference for those who are often caught in traffic jams.

Park In The Shade. Gas will start to evaporate if you let your car sit in the hot sun, so you’ll lose fuel when you’re not even driving.

Park In Your Garage. When your car sits in the garage, it keeps it from getting as hot in the summer or as cold in the winter as it would if it sat outside. This reduces the amount of fuel you have to expend to get the car warmed up or cooled off with heat and air conditioning.

Carpool Whenever You Can. Find coworkers who live in your area, or use websites that help match up potential carpoolers.

Take Care of Your Car

Check Your Tire Pressure Regularly. Make sure that your tire pressure matches up with the recommended pressure in your owner’s manual. Having properly inflated tires gives you better gas mileage. This is also important because tires which are not properly inflated are more likely to fail at high speeds and less likely to wear evenly.

Get Regular Tune-Ups For Your Car. Having a professional look for potential problem areas can save you from losing gas due to things like misfiring spark plugs or an emissions problem.

Use The Manufacturer’s Recommended Grade Of Motor Oil. If possible, use a product marked as “Energy Conserving.” Using the right products can improve your gas mileage.

Have Your Engine’s Air Filter Replaced When Necessary. A filter that’s clogged up forces your engine to work harder and use more fuel. This can usually be checked each time you have an oil change.

Be Smart at the Pump

Use The Lowest Grade Of Gasoline That Is Appropriate For Your Vehicle. Premium fuel should be reserved only for the cars that require it since using it won’t help your fuel economy or your car’s performance on the road.

Tighten Your Gas Cap After Filling Up. The gas can actually evaporate from the tank if there is a way for it to escape. According to the Car Care Council, 147 million gallons of fuel evaporate from gas tanks each year. If your cap is loose or has any chips or cracks, get it replaced.

Don’t Top Off Your Tank. The extra gas usually seeps out as it sloshes around, so you waste money when you add on more fuel. Stop filling up as soon as the nozzle automatically clicks off to indicate a full tank.

Shop Around For Low Prices. Note the gas prices while you’re out running errands, then head back to the station with the lowest rates before they have the chance to change. Find out if there are any websites devoted to tracking gas prices in your area and be sure to check those pages before you go to fill up. There are also mobile phone applications that help you locate the cheapest gas around you.

Use Cash Instead Of Credit To Pay For Gas If It Will Save You Some Money. Some gas stations offer a lower per gallon rate for those who are able to pay with cash.

Other Frugal Tips

Use Public Transportation When You Can. The cost of a monthly pass often costs much less than the amount of gas you’d use in that time period.

Purchase A Bicycle Or Scooter. Even if you don’t use them every time you leave home, you can save a ton of gas by using these for shorter trips instead of driving.

Combine Errands When You Go Out. Grab groceries on your way home from work, or run a few errands the next time you go out shopping. This will cut back on the amount of gas you use and get your errands completed more efficiently.

Remove Non-Essential Items From Your Trunk. Having extra weight in your car can use up more fuel.

Try incorporating these tips into your driving routine to save on gas. They could end up saving you a good amount of cash.


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