How To Cash In Your Heirlooms

By Investopedia. May 7th 2016

More people than ever are selling valuables that they no longer want in order to make money for more practical purposes. With a shaky economy, it often does not make sense to hang onto heirlooms that may or may not increase in value in the future. There are many ways to assess the value of your unwanted treasures before selling them. With the increasing popularity of online sales sites, you can advertise your goods to the entire world. Here are several popular categories of heirlooms: 

Gold and Jewelry

Most American jewelry boxes contain pieces that the owner no longer wears or have gone out of style. As the price of gold increases and the economy softens, more people are cleaning out their jewelry boxes and making some quick cash. Today, gold remains just over $1,700 an ounce, and there are more ways than ever to sell your unwanted gold and other jewelry. Television commercials for gold buyers are abound, and many of them set up temporary shop in a public location to assess the value of your jewelry.

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