Biker Bargains: How to Find a Motorcycle for Much Less

May 7th 2016

Buying a motorcycle on a budget takes a bit of preparation and research, but it is worth it. Do your research and be willing to negotiate, and you may find yourself riding the highways sooner than you think.

Shop Off-Season

Although a few brave souls ride all year, most people confine their motorcycle adventures to warmer weather. The exact time can vary depending on your local climate, but late fall is usually the best time to search for a motorcycle. Dealers tend to offer discounts during fall and winter, and private sellers may be selling because they are in need of quick cash for the holidays. There are also fewer buyers competing against you, which makes sellers more likely to negotiate and lowers the chances of another buyer making a better offer.

Do Your Research

Older motorcycles are generally a significantly better deal than newer ones, but buying an old bike can be risky. There are some classics known for their longevity and quality as well as their low prices. If you do not have a particular make and model in mind, spend some time researching bikes known to be good buys and start looking for those.


One of the best ways to find a good buy is by working with local motorcycle mechanics and aficionados. They often know about people who are needing to sell quickly and can steer you away from people known to sell poor-quality bikes. Get involved in local motorcycle clubs and put the word out at garages.

Shop Online

The Internet can be a valuable tool for finding bargain motorcycles, but you have to be cautious. There are online classified sites that can let you search for bikes all over the country. However, buying sight unseen and without an inspection is risky. Unless you are looking for a very specific type of motorcycle and are willing to put in additional money to repair it if it is not quite as represented, you should probably shop locally. If you do buy online, research common scams and be prepared to walk away if anything seems suspicious.

EBay also offers motorcycles for sale, and it does have additional protections against fraud. Be sure you understand what eBay covers before relying on this coverage, and make sure you do plenty of research. Ask the seller for lots of pictures and other information, and make sure the seller feedback rating is at least 90 percent positive.


There is nothing quite like the feeling of the wind in your hair and the open road stretching before you as you head out on your motorcycle. If you are looking for a motorcycle on a budget, there are a few ways to get a great deal.

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