6 Tips For Getting A Good Cell Phone Plan

By Investopedia. May 7th 2016

As more and more consumers replace their landline phone with mobile options, cell phones are no longer seen as an extravagant extra. While it may seem that shopping for a phone and accompanying plan is fairly straightforward, the number of options for phones, plans and protections are actually rather abundant. Consider these six ways you can customize your service to meet your needs - and save a little cash in the process.

  1. Phone Functionality
    Most phones being offered by cell phone providers do more than just call; voice-activated dialing, internet browsing, text messaging, photos, video and music are all par for the course, giving consumers a dizzying array of options for their next model. But will you actually need all of these features? And how much can you save by skipping many of them? Do a simple "needs analysis" of just what you need in a phone, then list a few "nice to haves." If you can find a phone that matches up, you can save a bundle over more equipped models.

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