6 Must-Know Resources for Stock Market Newbies

May 7th 2016

There is a resource for every level of investor, including the new and the nervous, and it is up to you to choose which site you want to hold your hand through the process. Be assured, though, that any of these resources can help you be more confident in your own choices and get you started on your investment path.


Investopedia is well-known as a resource for general financial tips and tricks of the trade. It also carries a wealth of expert opinion and analysis articles. Part of this expertise is focused firmly on beginning investors, with articles on how to choose your first stockbroker or money manager, which stocks are held by current successful investors and similar supportive topics. It also offers a stock simulator to let you practice your stock picks without risk to your real investments.

The Simple Dollar

Known mainly for its helpful ideas for those in debt and other financial needs, The Simple Dollar website also focuses on how its readership can make the most of their cash once they pay off their loans. To this end, it includes a range of investment advice, and one key piece of this advice is its six-step guide to investing for beginners. It uses clear language and straightforward thinking to guide you toward the right decisions rather than making assumptions about your needs, which is a good starting place if you like to manage your own finances.

Trade King

TradeKing.com is a stock management website that tries to make sure its customers are cared for; to help with this, it includes a broad educational component in its Education Center. This content includes a lot of useful tips for beginners, right down to analyzing what it means to be a rookie stock investor and the pitfalls of investing. Because TradeKing.com's info is marketed at all levels, it is also a useful resource as you develop your investment portfolio.


About.com is a resource that boasts expertise on many topics, and investing is among these. In particular, its BeginnersInvest.About.com section has a number of articles on topics that are very relevant to investors just starting out in the stocks' game. There is even advice on ways to begin investing without using a broker, an option that most other beginner guides do not offer.

Stock Investing for Dummies

The "For Dummies" range of educational materials is huge, so it should be no surprise there are several resources in this range for new investors. A cheat sheet, reading list and suggested materials point the way toward a thorough grounding in the topic, allowing you to pick and choose the resources you need. Many of the suggested resources are available online, so you do not have to spend a fortune to start making money.

Investing for Beginners

One website for those starting out with stock investments not only offers online articles but also a free e-book resource for all visitors. The site, eInvestingForBeginners.com, offers additional resources, but the book package, based on the text "7 Steps to Understanding the Stock Market" is its main offering. It also includes spreadsheets to help investors with stock picks and analyzing sales patterns, making it a truly practical tool.


While many people earn a good living from their investments, the uncertain nature of the stock market makes many first-time investors very nervous. If this applies to you, do not worry. Several excellent resources are available to help you find your place with buying and selling and assist you with your initial stock choices.

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