6 Career-Specific Scholarships to Seek Out

May 7th 2016

If you know exactly what you want to do when you leave college, don't just plan your courses to that end. Plan your funding applications to take your career goals into account, and you could well end up with additional funding to support your dreams.

ACES Scholarships

The American Copy Editors Society offers a scholarship to journalism students at all levels with a knack for copy editing. This under-rated skill is worth $2,500 each year for the applicant who is judged as excelling in this field, but there are also four $1,000 awards available. All scholarship winners also receive free registration to attend the annual ACES conference, giving valuable opportunities to network and enhance professional development and academic work.

The Applegate Jackson Parks Future Teacher Scholarship

The Applegate Jackson Parks Future Teacher Scholarship offers a bonus to graduate-level studies in the form of an annual $1,000 award. To win this scholarship, an aspiring educator must demonstrate the dedication to principle and high professional standards of Carol Applegate, Kay Jackson and Dr. Anne Parks, for whom the award was named.

Minority Nurse Magazine Scholarship Program

The criteria for the Minority Nurse Magazine Scholarship Program include being in the third or fourth year of a BSN degree program and being a member of a racial or ethnic minority group. The main award is for $3,000, with two $1,000 awards also available. Academic excellence, financial need and a demonstrated commitment of service to the student's minority community are all considered. A member of nursing staff who works with the student can make the application on the student's behalf, and complete the forms, as long as the student provides all required paperwork; this type of external recommendation provides favorable support to an application.

Thomas G. Labrecque Smart Start Scholarship

Sponsored by JPMorgan Chase & Co., this business scholarship for graduating high school seniors is one of the most desirable education funding packages available. It covers all tuition fees, includes a small stipend and is renewable annually for up to three years. In addition, it comes with the offer of a paid internship at JPMorgan Chase to cement the student's career development.

Toshiba Machine Co., America Scholarship Program

The Toshiba Machine Co., America scholarship is for students looking to enter careers focused on industrial maintenance or plastics processing who are enrolled on courses appropriate to those goals. The fund provides $2,500 scholarship awards for full-time study for successful undergraduate students who have the required GPA: 3.0 for current high school seniors or 2.5 for current college students.

James Beard Foundation Scholarship Program

The James Beard Foundation offers awards to students planning careers in the culinary arts. Applicants each year are thinned to around 125 finalists before the number and type of awards are decided upon. Options available to the judging panel include unrestricted cash awards, cash awards with specific restrictions or qualifications, and scholarships to specific schools that can be applied to tuition at those schools only. Grants are awarded to well-rounded students with strong evidence of interest and talent in the field of culinary arts.


Knowing the field you want to go into is a big advantage as you enter any level of study, from your first college courses to graduate-level programs. Knowing the end goal allows you to focus more tightly on the subjects and topics that are most useful to your development in that field, but it also allows you to apply for appropriate career-focused funding to help you gain the right qualifications to succeed.

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