5 Scholarships Available Just for Women

May 7th 2016

The fight for equality goes on, and women-only scholarships are one way that women can support other women to grow and learn. Many of these programs were funded by successful women who themselves received help from outside sources to complete their educational goals, making them a wonderful example of paying it forward to support the female professionals of the future.

Alpha Kappa Alpha

Female African-American high school seniors are eligible for all portions of this program, which awards multiple scholarships per year. Several different specific scholarships are available through the program, each of which has its own requirements for school attended, grade point average and intended course and college. This means that young women with a wide range of abilities and career goals can find a suitable opportunity.

Legacy Scholarship for Army Women in USA

This scholarship covers courses of all levels from certificate programs to graduate degrees, and it is available to women who have served in the U.S. military and their lineal descendants. The women and their children are considered as separate categories to ensure fairness in distribution, and the awards are based on merit, academic potential, community service, letters of recommendation and need.

Society of Women Engineers

To help redress the gender imbalance in this important field, the Society of Women Engineers administers over half a million dollars' worth of scholarships every year. Awards are reserved for female students who wish to study engineering or computer science who have extremely high grade point averages and letters of recommendation from teachers in STEM subjects.

Lifetime Adoption Foundation Scholarship

Women who have been forced to delay their educational progress because of life events such as pregnancy may require a little help getting their careers going again. The Lifetime Adoption Foundation Scholarship offers mothers who gave their babies up for adoption to give their children opportunities for better lives the chance to improve their own lives through learning. Proof of finalization of adoption is required on application, as is evidence of a GPA above 2.0 and an enrollment or application at a suitable accredited educational or trade institution.


As an overarching organization, the YWCA oversees a range of women's scholarships offered through its regional branches. These include scholarships for activism, specific demographic groups and outstanding scholarship. In addition to its own scholarships, the YWCA also partners with other organizations and signposts young women in need to appropriate sources of funding.


With the Lean In movement now encouraging women to support one another in their working lives, it's worth remembering that many women have been helping one another get ahead for years in the form of educational scholarships. From sororities to women's organizations to individual bequests, there are a range of options available to help struggling women looking to advance their educational careers.

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