RV Insurance

May 7th 2016


Recreation vehicles generally refer to an enclosed piece of automobile that can be used as a vehicle, a temporary travel home or even as mobile offices. RVs generally include customizations such as extra desk space, an upgraded electrical system, a generator and satellite Internet. Such recreational vehicles have special insurance needs. An RV insurance policy protects you, your traveling companions and your valuables when you're on a trip.

How It Works

Many RV owners believe that their homeowner's insurance policy gives them RV protection, but this may not give the complete replacement value of your vehicle. You can avail RV insurance for vehicles like fifth wheel, travel trailer, bus conversion, airstream or camper Shell. You can opt for a policy that offers total replacement coverage. When you purchase RV Insurance, it is best to purchase a level of coverage that suits your needs. You can also add a separate RV insurance coverage to your current auto policy.


Recreational vehicles can be quite expensive and if damaged, they can be even more expensive to replace. So it is always beneficial to have a reasonably priced RV insurance policy. The coverage options for RV insurance include coverage for personal effects inside the RV, towing, theft as well as the damage due to windstorm, flood and fire. With an RV insurance policy, you will have the specialized coverage you need to travel safely on the road.


The premium amount that you pay for the RV insurance will surely be very less when compared to the replacement value of the vehicle. You can purchase a policy with low premium and large deductibles or go in for a higher premium with low deductibles. It would usually be preferable to go in for RV insurance with the same company that provides you auto insurance. You may even get a discount because you are already an insurance customer. You can reduce the claims on your RV insurance by these few tips. Make sure you get a complete travel check-up for your RV, confirm that the towing hitch, fire extinguisher and smoke alarms are in working order.


The best time to go in for RV insurance would be when you buy a recreation vehicle. You can also get one if you are planning to be on road for a long time.


Many companies offer RV Insurance coverage policies. GMAC Insurance, Progressive Insurance, Geico RV Insurance, Foremost RV Insurance Company and Explorer RV Insurance are a few of the companies that offer different types of RV Insurance policies.

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