The Best Times to Save Hundreds on Commercial Airfare

May 7th 2016

Shopping around, choosing the right time to buy and using various tools to help you make your airfare purchases can help you potentially save hundreds of dollars. You can put that saved money to work on other aspects of your trip, or use it to book even more travel.

Book Early

Domestic flight prices tend to skyrocket in the last two weeks before a flight. Book in plenty of time to take advantage of lower prices. If you can book three weeks or more before your flight, you may find even greater savings. If you're planning on flying internationally, make your plans significantly earlier. You're likely to find the best deals by booking three to six months before your flight.

Choose the Least Expensive Days to Fly

If you have a little flexibility in your travel schedule, plan to fly on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. These are typically the days with the lowest airfare costs.

Book Your Flight on a Tuesday

Most airlines announce their flight deals on Mondays, which means that their competitors often rush to counter those deals on Tuesdays. If you're able to plan ahead, pencil in Tuesday as the day you'll book your next flight.

Check Back in 24 Hours

If the price to your flight drops within 24 hours of your booking, your airline is likely to give you the new, lower price. Don't think you're done once you've booked your flight. Check back to see if there's a better deal waiting for you.

Buy at the Last Minute

This tip only works if you have great flexibility in your travel plans. Often, airlines offer any unsold seats on their planes at extreme discounts in the last 24 to 48 hours before the flight takes off. Check out sites such as Last Minute Travel to find aggregated lists of low-cost flights, or sign up for your preferred airlines' email blasts to get advance warning when prices drop.

Use a Fare Predictor

Many travel sites provide fare predictors that can give you some idea as to whether you're buying your ticket at the right time. These predictors collect the pricing data for major routes and specific flights to let you know whether to buy now or wait. While they're not always completely accurate, they can be a valuable aid in letting you find the right deal.


Booking commercial air flights can be confusing if you're trying to be budget-conscious. The pricing of flights often seems to have no rhyme nor reason, and pricing seems to be continuously in flux. Fortunately, there are some insider tips that can help you save potentially hundreds of dollars when you book your flights. Save on airfare by following these helpful tips regarding the best times to fly and book your travels.

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