The Best Sites for Restaurant Coupons

May 7th 2016
It's time to go out to eat, and you're stumped for ideas without any specific food craving in mind. Luckily, you're not the only one, and a host of websites have been created to help! You can find new restaurants in your area by locating specials and coupons online. You'll see a range of restaurants offering incentives, from the family run kitchens down to fine dining affairs. If you aren't sure where the best deals are for your local restaurants and chains, take a look at these four online sites for restaurant coupons to make the most out of your night eating out. 
Groupon offers a variety of special discounts and coupons for businesses in your local areas, including restaurants. Businesses work with Groupon to provide a coupon that takes off a percentage of your bill, gives you certain food items for free, takes off a flat rate from your bill or offers another type of incentive. You pay Groupon and get the deal when enough people buy into it. Since this is the biggest of the deal sites, you often find the most variety and options when it comes to your local area, as it's a good promotional vehicle for small businesses who want to get the word out about what they have to offer. 
Amazon Local
Amazon Local is Amazon's response to Groupon, and it uses a similar setup. You look through each category, with the Restaurants, Bars & Pubs category getting you access to all of your food-related discounts. Amazon Local tells you about the restaurant, what their specialties are and what the offer covers. You see exactly how much you save going through the offer, as well as any offer restrictions, such as a limited purchase quantity or limited coverage on menu items. In general, most of the discounts you receive do not cover alcoholic drinks, so be prepared to spend if you want wine or other drinks paired up with your meal. 
RetailMeNot is one of the biggest coupons and coupon code sites around, bringing you manufacturer coupons and other special deals offered by restaurants, stores and countless other categories. Unlike Groupon and Amazon Local, you don't have to purchase the discounts from RetailMeNot. Instead, you search for a restaurant that you're interested in and find out what coupon codes and offers they have available. Sometimes, you need to download the coupon at the restaurant site or use a promotional code through their websites. Other listings simply indicate the specials that a particular restaurant has at the time. focuses entirely on restaurant gift certificates, daily specials and double deals. The restaurant gift certificates are worth far more in the restaurant than the amount you paid, often up to 50 percent higher value. The specials are similar to daily deals at Amazon Local and Groupon, giving you access to limited time offers that restaurants offer to attract new customers and to build current customers into regulars. Finally, double deals give you $25 eCards when you make a purchase for a voucher from any businesses that are covered under that offer. The business model of is to support restaurants of all types, whether you enjoy the consistency of national chains or like finding that fabulous new mom and pop family-run restaurant that you never knew was in your town.
The economy might be tough, but you deserve to treat yourself when you get the chance. By using these sites to hunt down the best restaurant deals, you get to enjoy your old favorites and open yourself up to new dining experiences without emptying your wallet every weekend. When you make a purchase or use a code through any of these sites, make sure to read the fine print so you don't get a surprise on the bill because you ordered items that weren't covered under the offer. 

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