The 5 Best Unlimited Cell Phone Plans

May 7th 2016

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With the multi-faceted cell phones that exist today, payments can be complicated. There are all sorts of cell phone plans out there, with variables in the amount of minutes you can talk, the amount of texts you can send and the amount of things you can do on the Internet. Add to these complications the fact that most cell phone users today are using smartphones – and you get more complicated payment options than ever. If you’re looking to simplify your cell phone payment plan, have you considered choosing an unlimited plan? Unlimited cell phone plans allow you to talk for all of the minutes you want to without paying any extra money for extra minutes. There are lots of different unlimited plans out there; check out the info below to find out more about five of the best.

Republic Wireless

People think it’s a joke when they see Republic Wireless’ $19 per month unlimited plan – but it’s not. Republic Wireless actually does offer customers a plan that allows them to talk for an unlimited amount of time and browse the Internet for less than $20. The catch? The company wants you to use WiFi, rather than cell networks, whenever you can, so that it costs them less money. The phone does work well if you use it in your office, home and other places with WiFi mostly – and for the price, it really can’t be beat. Republic Wireless works with one Google Android phone – the LG Optimus X, and it doesn’t require any contract. For a money saver, this is your best bet.

Straight Talk Unlimited

The Straight Talk Unlimited is a no-contract plan that allows its users to talk for an unlimited amount of time for $45 per month. While it is more than twice as much as Republic’s plan, this plan allows customers to talk on the always-coveted Apple iPhone, making it an appealing option for many. In addition to the talking minutes, you also get unlimited text and data, as well. While there is a limit to the data you can use before the company bumps you down to a 2G network (2.5 GB), they also point out that to use that much data, you’d have to listen to 88 hours of Pandora and read about 35,000 emails.

Boost Mobile Android Monthly Unlimited Plan

For $50 per month, Boost Mobile offers unlimited talk, text and data for Android users. With this low price, Boost Mobile offers steady, dependable unlimited service for a very low price. One of the best perks is that Boost Mobile uses a shrinking payments plan. That is, it reduces your payment by $5 after every six on time payments, meaning that you can eventually pay only $35 per month for a great unlimited cell phone plan.

T-Mobile Simple Choice Plan

T-Mobile now only offers no-contract-based prepaid cell phone plans. One of the best is the Simple Choice Plan, which allows users to get an unlimited amount of talk, text and data for $70 per month. What’s great about T-Mobile is that it also offers free unlimited international data in over 100 countries, which means it’s a great phone to travel with. Also, T-Mobile is offering to pay customers up to $650 to switch to T-Mobile, in order to cover the costs of breaking another company’s phone plan contact. Bold move!

Virgin Mobile Beyond Talk

Virgin Mobile’s Unlimited talk, text and data plan only costs $5 per month. One of the Beyond Talk program’s best perks is that you can use it with the iPhone 5 and other advanced smartphones. If you like some variation or if you text more than talk, Virgin Mobile also offers different versions of the plan. For example, you can limit the amount of talking minutes you have, while still keeping unlimited texts, for a cheaper monthly price.



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