Unusual Places to Find Great Online Restaurant Coupons

May 7th 2016
Don't let your budget keep you from enjoying the finer things in life, especially when it comes to dining. When you get to try new restaurants without having to pay full price, you make out even better in the long run since that means more money in your pocket for more great dining experiences. Money might not buy happiness, but it can buy banh mi, and that's pretty close to the same thing. 
Fat Wallet
Fat Wallet is a community that revolves around posting deals from across the Internet, whether it's specials, limited time offers or coupons. It also has an active forum that frequently posts offers not found on the general site. Each forum post has a rating associated with it, so you easily see whether or not it's still active by the amount of positive feedback that it has. While this forum is a grab bag of many types of deals, it's worth checking to see if they picked up on any strong restaurant promotions or not. 
Company Forums 
Many people already know to check out a business' social media sites, such as a Facebook fan page or their Twitter profile, to find specialty coupons. What you might not think to check are any forums run by that business on their own web page. While many restaurants do focus on social media marketing over their own websites, some companies do try to at least provide a feedback forum that community managers post special offers to. While you may be able to find these offers listed on other coupon aggregating websites, it's worth a minute or two to stop by and see if anything has been posted. 
Tourism Pages
Your local city's tourism page has plenty of information for visitors, but it may also bring you some good coupons. Restaurants promote their specials and coupons to catch the interest of visitors coming to town, but there's nothing that stops a local from taking advantage of good deals that the out-of-towners probably won't appreciate as much anyway. This tactic does heavily depend on your city updating and maintaining its tourism website. If you're a small town that doesn't see a lot of tourists, you probably won't get many coupons through this source. 
Online Community Newspapers
You know the small newspapers full of coupons and advertisements from local businesses that you get in the mail? Many of these publications have taken themselves online to adapt to the digital age, making it easy for you to scan through the specials and coupons that local restaurants have to offer. It's certainly handier than picking up the mailer and having a bunch of additional junk mail fall on the floor in a cluttered mess as well. 
Daily Deal Websites
Daily deals aren't just for tee-shirts and other physical products. You get coupons and gift cards to local restaurants and national chains as well. Keep an eye out on the local deal sites serving your area so you don't miss a restaurant offer that's posted on one of the sites but not any of the others. The restaurants often have a contract with one specific site, which means they won't be able to advertise deals on other daily deal sites until their deal gets sold out or taken down. 
Restaurant Couriers
Restaurant couriers are third-party companies who go to restaurants, pick up your food order and deliver your food to your door. Couriers are typically used for restaurants that don't normally offer delivery service, due to low demand or a small staff. Some restaurants provide specialized coupons to get restaurant courier customers to choose that restaurant over others that the courier delivers for. 

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