Everything You Need To Know About Veteran Disability Assistance

May 7th 2016

Image Courtesy of Cherie A Thurlby via Flickr


Image Courtesy of Cherie A Thurlby via Flickr

Disabled veterans have made one of the biggest possible sacrifices for their country. It is only right, therefore, that they are provided with every opportunity both for themselves and their families. In order to help create those opportunities, there are a number of programs and financial assistance opportunities provided to disabled veterans. Below are some of the programs provided by the country to its disabled veterans.

Disabled American Veterans

The Disabled American Veterans (DAV) is an organization that was chartered by the United States Congress to provide assistance to veterans of the United States Armed Forces. This organization currently has more than 1.2 million members. DAV provides guidance to veterans and their families on the financial assistance and programs available to them. It also provides veterans  with help in making or filing claims related to service or non-service disabilities. DAV maintains local offices throughout the country, where veterans can make inquiries and receive support.

DAV runs a number of outreach programs. This includes DAV's Mobile Service office, which provides help to disabled veterans and families who live in remote geographical areas.  With the help of the mobile service, veterans can make claims without having to make longer trips to one of the National Service Offices.  Another outreach program is the Homeless Veterans Initiative, which provides support for homeless disabled veterans and assists them with finding suitable accommodations and other services.

College Scholarships and Grants for Disabled Veterans and Their Families

Veterans, disabled or not, who were honorably discharged and have completed 90 days of military service, may be eligible for education benefits provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs through the GI Bill. The amount of financial aid provided will depend on the length of service.

The Yellow Ribbon Program is designed for veterans who attend a private college or a public college as an out-of-state student. Veterans participating in this program receive funds from the VA to pay for their tuition and fees. Disabled veterans also can apply for Disabled War Veterans Scholarships, which are $2,500 each. These scholarships are made possible through financial contributions from the Microsoft Corporation and its employees.

Educational grants for children of disabled veterans are available through the Veterans Benefits Administration. In most cases, the child will need to be between the ages of 18 and 26 to be eligible for financial assistance. However, if the child served in the military, he or she will qualify for an extension. You can find a form to apply for financial assistance through your regional office of the Veterans Administration (VA). In addition to the federal government, there is also state financial assistance for the children of disabled veterans.

Financial Assistance for Disabled Veteran-Owned Businesses

Financial assistance is available for disabled veterans who want to start their own business. In 2009, the Small Business Administration (SBA) established the Patriot Express Loan Initiative. In the first 20 months of operation, over $250 million in loan guarantees were granted to almost 2,900 veterans and their spouses. The Patriot Express program is designed to streamline the process of obtaining an SBA-guaranteed loan.

Under the program, disabled veterans qualify for loans of up to $500,000. The SBA will guarantee loans up to 75 percent for loans between $150,000 and $500,000. For loans of up to $150,000 the SBA will guarantee the loan up to 85 percent. All Patriot Express loans qualify for the lowest rates offered by the SBA and are typically between 2.25 percent and 4.75 percent over the prime rate.

Loans available through the Patriot Express program can be used for almost any business purpose. This includes buying equipment, paying start-up costs, expanding a business, purchasing inventory or investing in real estate that will be occupied by the business.

Disabled Veterans who are looking to apply for these programs and financial assistance should visit their local DAV office. They will be able to get free expert advice and support in submitting their applications. Disabled veterans deserve all of the support possible to ensure that they succeed in civilian life and are fully informed about the options available to them.

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