How Couponing Websites Slash Your Bills

May 7th 2016


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How Couponing Websites Slash Your Bills

Most people have heard of extreme couponing (it's a lifestyle as well as a TV show). If you're not already a couponer, even considering a standard couponer's tactics might be exasperating. For example, how long does it take them to cut out all of those tiny coupons? Is the benefit worth the time? "How much money," you wonder, "could coupons save me?" Thanks to the Internet, you can find out without going to the extreme and, often, without even breaking out a pair of scissors. Check out these three popular couponing websites and start saving money on items you really need.

Couponing Website #1: CouponCabin

The website is organized in an easy-to-use format. When you place your mouse cursor over the "coupon" tab at the top of the homepage, you are presented with a menu that includes such options as just added, expiring soon, free shipping, grocery, codes, and promos and printables. If you plan to buy a set of heavy cast-iron cookware from Williams-Sonoma, it would make sense to check for free shipping offers first. 

The main reason to head to CouponCabin is to quickly search for discount/promo codes. These are codes that you enter during checkout when shopping online to receive, for example, 15 percent off when you spend $50 or more. If you plan to buy a sofa (which already offers free shipping on most orders over $50 and flat-rate shipping of just $2.95 on most other orders), finding a good discount or promo code is a must. On a high-dollar item like a sofa, the savings can be significant. One recent CouponCabin search for that retailer yielded a $25 off of $300 and free shipping, and 10 percent off everything and free shipping. On a $500 sofa, you'd save $50!

Couponing Website #2: RetailMeNot

Similar to CouponCabin, this website makes it easy to browse coupons by category. Say you need to buy your mother-in-law a gift, but you don't have anything in mind. You can click "browse categories" and choose "gift." Not only does the list give you ideas, it helps you save money on your gift. For example, maybe you're on the fence between sending flowers, a gift basket or personalized photo book. You can easily see which option has the best discount offer and go with that choice. Plus, if you buy it online, you save the trouble and expense of having to wrap the gift, buy a card, pack and ship the gift.

You can also quickly search for promo/discount codes on RetailMeNot simply by typing any retailer or restaurant into the search bar on the homepage. Or, you can browse the website's list of "today's top coupons" for the best current deals.

Couponing Website #3: Grocery Store Coupons

Any discussion on couponing would be incomplete without mentioning grocery coupons. Before you roll your eyes at the prospect of spending hours clip, clip, clipping, times have changed. Ironically, its supermarkets themselves that have helped lead this revolution. Many store chains, including Kroger, Harris Teeter, PathMark, Target and Safeway allow you to download the same coupons you find in the newspaper directly to your customer loyalty card or cell phone. Simply create accounts on their websites and start downloading your savings.

Other sites, such as Cellfire, offers an assortment of printable and digital coupons. The site allows you to store grocery coupons on hundreds of store loyalty cards, print and clip them or send coupons for non-grocery items (like clothes, toys or restaurants) to your smartphone. If you're a traditionalist and like your coupons the old-fashioned way (clipped) head to This site has a large selection of printables and codes, as well as a SuperSaver e-Newsletter you can sign up for to be alerted to the hottest grocery store deals.

From pants to panty-liners, shoes to odor-eaters, cake mix to muffin pans, whatever you're in the market for on any given day, before you buy, let your fingers walk right over your keyboard. Coupon websites are sure to deliver savings nearly every time.



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