Great Online Options for Finding Printable Coupons

May 7th 2016

Over the course of a year, you can save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on consumer goods just by browsing through websites and scrolling through coupons. All you need is time to browse and set up a free account on each website to start saving money.

As of 2015, has more than 400 free printable coupons that add up to more than $700 in savings. Choose one of 15 categories, or click on All Categories from the drop-down menu to explore your options. Hover your mouse over a selection to "clip" the savings, and the website adds the coupon to a virtual shopping cart. A green status bar increases the amount of money you save with each selection you add to the list. Click the red Print Coupons button in the upper-right portion of the website to download the printing app to your computer. touts more than 1,500 coupons as the resource searches more than 400 websites for deals simultaneously. Search more than 20 categories, 15 brands, and various types of savings such as e-coupons and printable varieties. Hover your mouse over a coupon before clicking the Clip or the Get It Now buttons. This feature may take you to a different website in order to print individual deals. Click the Get button in the upper-right corner to either save the coupon to your email or print your selections.

Browse 10 categories such as Baby, Automotive, Household and Pet Care on Continue scrolling down the coupon page to examine hundreds of deals in an endless scroll of savings. Hover over a choice to "clip" it. Select the Clip All function in the upper right portion of the screen to choose all of the available deals. Then click Print Coupons to go through three steps. The first step downloads printer software to your computer, and then you can install the software and print your coupons. claims more than 100,000 retailers have deals, coupons and redeemable codes within the app. Search restaurants, local savings and hot deals with your smartphone. Receive email or text alerts when your favorite stores post new coupons, and the app notifies you when your deals are about to expire. Each selection has a location function to help you find the store that has the deal. Save coupons to your favorites to browse through them later.


Each website has a way for you to have an account to save your preferences and every resource has a way to perform a keyword search for specific items. For example, if you want every coupon that mentions bacon as a product, input the word "bacon" into the relevant search box on the websites. You need an email address to save your preferences.


Manufacturer's coupons represent great ways for consumers to save big on everyday grocery items, over-the-counter medications, pet products, toys and toiletries. Sunday newspapers still have great deals. However, more tech-savvy coupon clippers can explore several websites that contain hundreds of free printable coupons.

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