Where to Find High-Quality Furniture Sales

May 7th 2016

When it comes to purchasing furniture, you have two options: go to a big box retailer and blow your entire wallet at one time, or spend time looking for great deals and come out of the deal with a slightly thinner wallet. The thing that holds many people back is the idea that second-hand furniture might be lower quality, and this is simply not the case. Furniture is a lot like a car; the moment it's purchased, the value is halved. Furniture that has been bought will lose value, even if it is still wrapped in the original plastic. This means that you should never purchase new furniture -- sure, you get the assurance that you'll be the first to use it, but you'll pay for that. Here are better alternatives.


The quintessential choice for finding a variety of local goods, Craigslist is used by almost everyone. The best part is that you can shop around and compare prices. See something you really like? Try to negotiate it down. If you live in an area with a large military presence, they often move away, and sometimes on short notice, making it a priority for them to get rid of their furniture rather than get the best prices. They will usually try to sell all of their furniture, and Craigslist is one of those avenues.

Hotel Auctions

When a hotel decides to get new furniture, it's rare that the old pieces go to the dump. Hotels will usually host an auction and sell their old furniture pieces at extremely discounted prices. Depending on the hotel, you can find high-quality pieces of furniture for very low prices. Keep an eye in your local paper for announcements about this sort of thing. 

Social Groups

With the advent of Facebook groups, people have banded together for any number of causes. One of the most popular functions is to set up community "yard sales," where users are able to post the items they no longer want to keep. Sometimes people will have a few things they want to sell, but not enough to go to the trouble of putting together a yard sale. That's what makes these groups as valuable as they are -- the ability to sell individual items, or small groups of items, without dedicating an entire weekend in the hopes that someone will drive by and notice.

Yard Sales

To veer away from the virtual marketplaces a bit, there is always the old-fashioned way -- going to a yard sale or flea market. These are typically held on weekends and only when the weather is good. If you wake up Saturday morning and it's pouring rain, wait for another day. If you wake up and find that it's clear and bright outside, then by all means, start driving around. Keep an eye out for signs that point you in the direction of the yard sale and begin your search there. People will sell their old, used furniture for low prices, allowing you to reap the benefits. The same concept works at flea markets on a larger scale -- just make sure the piece you are purchasing is high-quality, and you'll be good to go.

Sometimes your home just needs a change, but that doesn't mean you have to spend thousands on a new living room set. Just use these methods to find great savings on furniture that don't break your bank.

Image Courtesy of cbb4104 via Flickr

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