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May 7th 2016
The economy is recovering, but it's nowhere near where it should be yet. Going into business for yourself on a full or part-time basis with scrap metal recycling is one way that you can supplement your income if the economy is keeping you down. Scrap metal recycling is not the kind of business that you get into on a whim, however. There's a good amount of know-how and equipment to have on hand in order for you to make decent money so that it's actually worth your while. Scrap metal recycling can certainly be lucrative once you have the proper equipment and you know the best sources on scrap metal, but it may take some time to get there. 

Getting into Scrap Metal Recycling

The most essential part of scrap metal recycling is having a vehicle that can haul around large and unusually shaped loads. You aren't going to load up a little sedan or coupe with a bunch of sharp, oddly shaped scrap metal bits. You'd destroy the interior and not be able to haul anywhere near as much as you need to. A truck is the best option for this, although a van is also workable. You want the greatest amount of flexibility with your vehicle as possible.
Popular Mechanics recommends finding scrap metal loads that easily work with the vehicle you have on hand. You want the process to be easy on you physically, as well as safe to haul around in the truck bed. Invest in heavy duty tie downs and bungee cords that aren't going to get cut if they get snagged on the end of some scrap metal as you drive around. 
The next part of the process is figuring out what metals to look for and what the average prices are. You want to be able to identify metals that are going for a good price, such as copper and brass. Maximizing the amount of money you make each time you bring out a load is an essential part of the scrap metal recycling process. You find metals on Craigslist, in junk yards and at thrift stores. Create a search pattern, so you establish a number of quality spots to investigate every time you go out for a load. 

Finding Scrap Metal Recyclers

Once you have a bunch of metal on hand, you need a service to sell it to. ReCraigslist recommends going through a local scrap metal yard for recycling. These yards are set up so you can easily haul your load in and offload it. They may even have a crane to help with the unloading process, although you should be prepared to empty the bed yourself. Metals are priced by pound, so maximizing the amount of metal that you bring in at a time helps increase the amount of cash they send over. 
Scrap metal recycling isn't for everyone, but for the right person, it represents a solid side business dealing with metals that get thrown out on a daily basis. Whether you have a knack for finding the precious metals that computer boards have to offer, or you know a great source for old broken appliances, this business does offer you a solid way to bring more money into the household. With enough scrap metal sources, you may be able to transition to this business full-time. The sky is the limit when you put your mind and effort into this side business. 

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