Can You Save Money by Packaging Cable and Internet Services?

May 7th 2016

It has become common practice for cable providers to offer bundled packages known as triple play bundles. This type of bundle allows users to package two or three separate services such as home phone, cable TV and high-speed Internet into one bundled option. When users purchase two or three services together, the price of each service is reduced, which provides a cost-effective alternative to purchasing each service separately from different companies. Aside from cost savings, other benefits of bundling cable and Internet services include convenience and single billing.

Among companies offering the most cost-effective packages are AT&T U-Verse, Comcast Xfinity and Cablevision Optimum. Find out how these companies' respective bundling packages work to see if their available options can help save you money on your bills.

Cost Savings

Purchasing cable TV and Internet services from separate companies does not provide the most bang for the buck. Bundled packages are less expensive for customers and serve as an incentive for customers to subscribe to multiple services. Each service receives a discounted rate, and over time, the bundle saves users money. For example, AT&T U-Verse offers an inexpensive bundle that starts at $59, which has lower pricing during the first year of service, but increases after the 12th month. The lower prices are worthwhile for users that require two or three AT&T U-Verse services for a discounted price. AT&T U-Verse is the only fiber optic cable provider with competitive bundle prices, according to

Convenience and Availability

Comcast Xfinity, one of the more well-known cable providers, offers bundled services in 40 states. This provider offers an inexpensive cable TV and Internet option for homes across the nation known as the Triple Play package. The ability to have one company install or repair services is convenient and has cost-saving ability. Although Comcast Xfinity has a range of options, customers find the most value in the Triple Play package, which starts at $99.

Single Billing Option

When using a cable TV and Internet bundle, the single billing option adds convenience to the bill-paying process. A three-in-one bundle offered by Cablevision starts as low as $84, as of 2015, and eliminates the need to make payments on three separate bills each month. This can save users both time and money. While Cablevision is new to offering customers bundled packages,, the company has a growing reputation for providing good service.

Cable providers with bundled packages save users money and add convenience to the bill-paying process, while also providing an incentive for customers to sign up for multiple services. This often is more cost effective than paying for each individual service separately, as each service receives a discount, which saves customers money in the long run.

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