The Best Places to Find Furniture on Sale

May 7th 2016

Furniture depreciates faster than we'd want. Just like a car, the minute we buy that brand new couch, it has already lost much of its value. We can turn this into our advantage, however, by buying those used but still very functional pieces of furniture that other people have discarded.

Let's take a look at some of the best places to find good-quality furniture on sale for much less than the original price.

Refurbished Furniture Sales from Factories and Retailers

One of the best ways to get a great, like-new piece of furniture on sale is to buy a refurbished item from a factory or major retailer. In some cases, this furniture was manufactured with a defect and had to be returned to be fixed. At other times, used furniture in good condition might be returned and then brought back to the factory to be refurbished. When this happens, the furniture can't be sold as new, so you can get it for a substantial discount. 

Unless you see it being advertised, you'll need to ask individual companies if they sell refurbished furniture. You might also be able to find someone nearby who refurbishes furniture and sells it as a hobby.

“Damaged” Furniture for a Discount

If you keep checking furniture retailers, you'll soon find some damaged items that are being sold at a discount. Sometimes, you might find a good couch with a small stain, a table with a scratched leg or a chair with a broken rung.

These are lucky finds. In many cases, there's nothing really wrong with the item, but they can't be sold at full price. You can usually repair the furniture yourself, for less than the total original price.

Going-out-of-Business Furniture Sales

When a furniture company goes out of business, it tends to liquidate its supply. In order to make any money at all from liquidating, they'll try to sell their furniture at rock-bottom prices.

This is one of the cheapest ways to get brand-new furniture, but these sales don't come around very often and they don't last long. The downside to this option is that if you have any kind of problem with your purchase later on, you won't be able to get any assistance or a refund.

Estate and Garage Furniture Sales 

There's no guarantee that you'll find good-quality furniture from an estate or garage sale, but the prices are very cheap and you can often find items that have been barely used at all. If you get lucky, you'll come across a real gem. You have a better chance of finding good furniture at estate sales, where wealthy people have lived, but it will probably be more expensive than at a garage sale.

Whenever you decide to buy a piece of used furniture, be sure to give it a thorough exam before you buy it. Be sure to sit on it, and ask or check to see where it was purchased from originally to get an idea of the quality. Once you are getting a good deal, don't worry if you have to make a minor fix or two, but you should know that getting bad smells and pests out of a couch is extremely difficult.

Moving Sales

When people move, sometimes they can't take their sofas, chairs and/or tables with them. They might give them away or sell them to a friend, but they may also sell them publicly.

This furniture is usually very affordable because people want to make sure that they can sell it before they have to move. The best places to live for this are college towns or cities, where a large number of people move in and out of the town every year. With people moving out every year -- some of them unexpectedly and abruptly -- good deals tend to pop up fairly frequently.  

Image Courtesy of Dano via Flickr

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