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May 7th 2016

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You’ve probably seen those “extreme coupon” shows where savings fanatics spend hours looking for bargains and freebies. Although their discounts are often fantastic, even enviable, most people simply don’t have the time to devote to extreme couponing. It’s also safe to say that the average consumer doesn’t have the desire to put in that much work. However, saving money on frequent purchases does not have to be an all-consuming job. In fact, with a few good coupon websites at your disposal, it’s relatively easy to save a few bucks – and your precious time.

Mambo Sprouts

It can be difficult to find coupons for natural and organic foods. Fortunately, Mambo Sprouts is committed to making those coupons available. Each week, the site features coupons for top organic and natural food companies, as well as companies that sell specialty foods or products for people who have food allergies. Subscribe to the Mambo Sprouts’ email newsletter, and you’ll get informative content about the natural foods for which there are coupons. The newsletter is mailed once a month as a PDF file. It’s a great resource for locating discounts that are simply not available through more commercial coupon websites.


Though not as large or as comprehensive as Mambo Sprouts, HealthESavers.com is another spot for finding coupons for organic and natural foods. Some of the choices are a little questionable, or teeter on the border of “natural,” but for the most part, it’s a decent resource for coupons. It should be noted that there is an emphasis on supplement coupons. A secret about the site: if you hit the “refresh” button on your browser, it will bring up new coupons in the window. Subscribe to the email newsletter for more savings.

Pet Coupon Savings

Another difficult segment of coupons to locate is pet foods. Even rarer is the natural or holistic pet food coupon. Pet Coupon Savings is essentially a blog that lists coupons that are available through manufacturers, as well as through commercial coupon sites. The site doesn’t just have coupons for food, either. Kitty litter, toy and accessory coupons are often advertised on the site, too.

The Grocery Game

Founded by one of the “extreme couponers” referenced before, The Grocery Game website is a treasure trove of listings for coupons and deals. By tracking sales in stores all over the country every week, then offering manufacturer coupons to stack with those sales, the site can be very valuable. The downside is that you might have to go to several stores to reap the benefits. There is also a fee for joining the “game,” but the price is likely to be earned back in the savings you get.


Twitter is a fantastic place to find coupons, deals and freebies. When you follow @MyCouponFeed on Twitter, you get access to exclusive coupons and deals that may not appear in other places. Since they tweet the deals, you’re constantly updated when savings are available. Not all of the listed coupons are for groceries, either. A recent tweet stream featured numerous discounts on magazine subscriptions, as well as discount codes for online retailers, like Amazon.


Coupons.com offers coupons from all of the big national brands. With weekly updates, there are usually few surprises. If you sign up for their email notifications, they will send an email every week that lists many of the products for which coupons are offered. Be aware that some of the coupons are for specific stores, like Wal-Mart. You might find a really great coupon for your favorite snack food, but then notice that it’s only good at one retailer.

Smart Source

Similar to Coupons.com, Smart Source features coupons for national brands. Many of the coupons here overlap with what is offered on Coupons.com, but a fair amount are from different companies and products. This site is also more user-friendly than Coupons.com, as it shows more coupons per page. 

Go Direct

Of course, many more coupon aggregating sites exist on the Internet. If there is a product you really want to save money on, try visiting the manufacturer's website. Most companies will either offer coupons on their individual sites or will provide a link to their Facebook page or Twitter feed to find coupons there. Don't forget the weekly Sunday newspaper or direct mail coupons, either. 

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