7 Resources for Single Parent Assistance Programs

May 7th 2016

Feeding America

Feeding America's mission is to host nationwide networks of food banks to eradicate hunger for individuals and families. The program offers fresh, nutritious foods to qualified applicants, as well as emergency help for single parents who are victims of disaster. Candidates within the program are provided with educational opportunities to climb from the depths of hunger and poverty.

Head Start

Single parents seeking child care and educational programs for children ages birth to five may opt for a local Head Start program. Head Start programs offer learning environments for low-income households that teach language and literacy, physical development and health, social and emotional development, and cognition and general knowledge. Single parents who enroll their children in a Head Start program may also be eligible for services related to the overall health and social well-being of their children.

The Mommies Network

The Mommies Network is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing a free, safe and secure place for mothers to find encouragement and assistance from other mothers. A free membership entitles members to online forums, opportunities to arrange play dates, and mom's night out activities with single parents nearby. As of 2015, the program hosts more than 30,000 active members in approximately 80 communities.

Help a Mother Out

Help a Mother Out is a public organization that hosts diaper banks in 22 agencies throughout California and Arizona. The organization is committed to increasing access to diapers for single parents and families in need.

Single Parent Advocate

The mission of Single Parent Advocate, a nonprofit organization, is to establish programs that support and advocate for single parent families faced with financial distress and poverty. The organization encourages local businesses, churches and nonprofit organizations to create programs that provide assistance for single parents by providing school supplies, food, computer assistance, auto repair and family portraits.

HUD Rental Assistance Program

State programs providing assistance to single parents vary. However, the Housing and Urban Development Rental Assistance Program is funded federally and is considered one of the largest sources for housing assistance in the United States. The program provides housing vouchers for low-income households in designated housing and apartment units. Some single parents may also qualify for partial rent payments.

Government Food Assistance Programs

Both federal and state government programs may be able to provide assistance with groceries and meals for single parents. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, also known as SNAP, is one of the most common government-funded programs. It provides groceries or food stamps to individuals and families who meet income requirements. Eligibility requirements vary by state for government assistance programs.


Single parents seeking assistance with parenting skills, financial obligations and child care often need resources to enhance their quality of life. Many communities, government organizations and private firms feature resources for single parents to obtain when in need.

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