6 Great Laptop Deals for Students

May 7th 2016

The best sources of discount laptops for students are often the manufacturers themselves, who have an interest in creating loyal, educated customers. However, not-for-profit organizations and third-party sellers such as software providers can also offer excellent deals, particularly for group purchases. Students can take their pick of the available deals, secure in the knowledge that their custom is valued and that they are likely to get a good rate because of their status.

Dell Computers

Dell's section for students, Dell University, offers various discounts throughout the academic year. As of April 2015, the website offers double discounts for registered students on all products, as well as a cash back and rewards deals for those who choose to join Dell's Advantage program. Free shipping also ensures that students can get their machines delivered right to their accommodation ready to start work straight away.


Apple offers special education pricing to college students and their parents, as well as teachers, home-schoolers, and both administrators and staff of grade schools. Students with confirmation of their acceptance to college also get discounts. The student or other relevant party uses the tool on the Apple website to select the relevant school or district, and Apple then confirms the level of discount available. This can be up to $200 on a laptop, and students can also access financing to help spread the cost.


Toshiba's education section particularly focuses on providing deals for educational establishments and groups of students. Discounts are tailored to the organization, and the focus is on providing optimal connectivity and optimization for the tasks at hand in the educational environment.

Notebooks for Students

Aside from manufacturer's own deals for students, several not-for-profit organizations help students at all levels to access technology to help them in their studies. Notebooks for Students, for example, offers a range of high-quality laptops from manufacturers including Lenovo and HP at discount prices. These deals bring powerful machines down to the price range of entry-level options, making them ideal for students who need more power to run their programs. They also come with free warranties and discount Microsoft Office software, making the company a good choice for a reliable overall package.

Group Purchasing

Some educational establishments now expect students to supply their own devices for connecting to the network, and this can be challenging for those without technical knowledge or extra money to invest in ensuring they get the right levels of technology. The Notebooks for Students website allows groups of parents to make bulk laptop purchases with any necessary specifications to ensure both compatibility and the best prices. Group purchases require that a minimum of six laptops are bought as a package, but for most models, the discount per laptop increases as the order size goes up.


Although most students are aware of Microsoft's offers on software for students and educational establishments, not everyone realizes that Microsoft has moved into creating hardware. While the Microsoft Surface doesn't meet everyone's image of a traditional laptop, it is highly portable and powerful enough to run a range of educational software, making it a good choice for students. The Microsoft store offers students at all levels the chance to get a 10 percent discount on hardware, as well as special software pricing, so it's well worth a look for students looking for a one-stop shop.


Modern students have demanding schedules, and the ability to work and study on the go is important to help them manage their time. One of the best ways to arrange this is for students to have decent laptops that combine power and portability, and many manufacturers and retailers are keen to help students afford their products so that they will continue to use them in the future.

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