6 Easy-to-Use Online Resources for Finding a Job

May 7th 2016

Navigating the Web in search of available jobs does not need to be a complex or time-consuming task. Individuals can establish professional profiles, sign up for job notifications and allow the job leads to electronically roll in as they seek that perfect job.


CareerBuilder is one of the biggest job boards online. More than 60 markets worldwide post jobs and seek applicants on the site. Users can refine job searches based on keywords, receive email notifications of jobs that match their skills, and post resumes and cover letters in a customized profile for potential employers to view. Premium users of the site can also take online workshops and get help with writing resumes and cover letters.


Job seekers who are more comfortable visiting just one site to search for positions should choose Indeed's job search platform. Indeed aggregates information from company job listings, news sites and job boards so users can search through jobs matching their skills. The site features advanced search capabilities so users can search based on salary range, keywords and location. As of 2015, Indeed brings career information to the public in approximately 50 countries worldwide.


LinkedIn is one of the most efficient sites for browsing job listings, networking with professionals and sharing information related to jobs and industries. Users create a detailed profile with a virtual resume and online portfolio and connect with recruiters, co-workers and prospective employers. Users can also provide recommendations and endorse professionals on the site.


Monster is one of the oldest online job boards for career-minded individuals. Job seekers can search through postings from companies and recruiters representing approximately 50 countries. Users can also upload their resumes, create custom cover letters and apply for positions directly from this online job resource.


Individuals seeking employment in a government office or agency can easily find available federal jobs through USAJobs. The site features job listings, a platform for job applications and details about government jobs such as compensation, benefits, eligibility and required qualifications.

Google Alerts

Job seekers can simplify the search process by letting job leads filter into their email box. Google's alert feature allows individuals to type in a company name, job listing or keywords that filter the daily results into email or mobile notifications.


Job seekers often spend countless hours searching through job listings and networking with professionals to obtain permanent positions. Technology simplifies the process, with online resources for employers and potential employees to interact and view credentials. People searching for a job can take advantage of several easy-to-use online resources to find their dream career.

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