5 Websites to Help You Find the Best Grocery Deals

May 7th 2016

Save money on everyday items by clipping coupons from several websites or downloading the appropriate app to your smartphone. When you find multiple coupons for similar items on many websites, your savings truly add up and make your monthly budget easier to handle.


View all grocery coupons available at ShopAtHome.com and then click Clip Coupon to save it. Click the scissors icon in the upper-right corner of each coupon to save it as well. Sign up for an account using an email address and password in order to save whatever coupons you want to print later. Accept the terms of service and check the box regarding weekly coupons and discounts to create the account.


Lozo.com claims to compile more than 400 coupon websites into one place. Peruse more than 1,500 individual coupons, or search for coupons with a keyword. Browse through more than 60 pages of food, medicines, baking supplies and pet products. Narrow searches by category, brand, types of coupons and your favorites. Create a favorites list by logging in to your account, which needs an email and password for access. Register using your name and ZIP code to receive deals and other coupons through your email.


See local coupons by inputting your ZIP code on GroceryCouponNetwork.com. Click on the Clip All button and then Print Coupons to access more than 350 coupons and save more than $500 on various products. Limit to categories such as apparel, baby items, toys, office supplies and pet care products. Weekly ads from national retailers are included among money-saving coupons. Save these selections to social media accounts by clicking on the Pin button for Pinterest or the "like" icon for Facebook.


Browse 10 categories of coupons on CoolSavings.com for nearly $550 in total savings. Limit coupons to certain brands down the right side of the website. Click the purple Clip button to save the selection, or click Clip All to choose every coupon available. Click the Print Coupons button to print your selections. Categories include beverage, baby, food, home entertainment and personal care.


Browse different categories on Coupons.com such as books, flowers, local coupons and automotive. Select the All Categories choice to view more than 400 coupons that have nearly $600 in savings. Click the Print Coupons button to have hard copies of your selections.

Coupon Apps

Look at your smartphone's app store to find apps that contain coupons for your phone. The best coupons allow a store to scan the barcode straight from your phone without the need to print out any coupons whatsoever. Consumer Reports suggests the best apps for coupons, such as Cellfire, Grocery IQ and Saving Star.


Grocery coupons can save you hundreds of dollars on every trip to the supermarket. Double-value coupons represent even more savings. Download and print coupons from several websites that compile manufacturer's coupons. Apps for smartphones represent an increasingly popular way for you to save cash. Instead of clipping coupons from newspapers every Sunday, view various online resources to find savings at any time.

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