5 Ways to Save Money on Airfare

May 7th 2016

The more you know, the easier it is to find a cheap flight. Research by using multiple sites, including airlines' own websites and social media feeds, be as flexible as possible, and try to think laterally when it comes to splitting up your journey in order to save yourself money that can then be used to better enjoy yourself once you reach your destination.

Cheap Flights by Name

True to its name, Cheapflights Media offers a selection of low-cost airfares on its website. Its tools allow you to input your point of departure and destination for either set dates or flexible dates and receive a list of suggested flights on a variety of carriers. Choose whether to include business-class tickets, or book a hotel and a car rental at the same time. Booking a trip as a full package can offer further discounts, but it's worth checking the separate prices of the components to ensure the best deal. Other aggregator services offer similar deals, so give several a try, particularly if you have set travel dates.

Get in Early or Wait to the Wire

Oddly enough, two of the easiest ways to save on airfares include booking extremely early and waiting until as close as possible to the time of travel. According to Independent Traveller, this occurs because early reservations assist airlines with planning their flights, but if they have not filled enough seats as the date of departure nears, they may slash prices to avoid wasting space on the plane. Sign up to airlines' newsletters to get news about the latest deals, including any last-minute offers. Airlines often launch these sales on Tuesdays, so consider avoiding a purchase on a Monday, just in case.

Different Destinations

Sometimes it's worth being flexible not only about when you travel, but to where. While you probably have a particular country or state in mind, some destinations have several airports located nearby. Some of the lesser-known ones may offer cheaper airfares. Particularly within the United States, a willingness to travel the last 40 or 50 miles by land can help you find cheaper alternatives, according to Johnny Jet. Accepting an unusual layover or connection can also help you find a cheaper fare.

Use the Data

If you've found a reasonable price but want to know if it's worth buying now or waiting, Lifehacker advises accessing one of the free online graphing tools for airfares or even downloading an app to check fares on the go. Both Bing and Kayak offer these tools, but several others are available, all with their own strengths and weaknesses. If you have time before you fly, try out a couple to see which one suits your needs.

Use the Technology

When researching flights, Lifehacker also recommends signing up to the appropriate email and Twitter feeds to ensure you get the latest information instantly. While weekly newsletter-style emails often contain good deals, Twitter offers are frequently unique to the service and include excellent but extremely time-limited offers.


The growth of the Internet has provided many opportunities to those looking to travel the world on a budget. Customers have access to more readily available information than ever before, and deal aggregators and specialist websites can offer real bargains on both domestic and international airfares to customers who are prepared to shop around and be flexible.

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