5 Resources for Homeless Housing Grants

May 7th 2016

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

HUD maintains several grant programs for states, local governments and nonprofit organizations. One of the most prominent grants, the Continuum of Care Program, provides competitive grants for new building construction or renovation of existing buildings for homeless transitional housing. Grants also award money for rental assistance, payment of an organization's operating costs, re-housing services, administrative costs and support service expenses.

State Governments

Many state governments have grant programs for agencies that provide services for the homeless. The state of Washington gives funds to local governments or local housing authorities for the express purpose of maintaining and operating homeless housing programs. Each county receives money based on a percentage of excise taxes collected, and agencies can submit proposals for extra funding based on grant opportunities. New York's Homeless Housing Assistance Program awards more than $63.5 million in grants for projects that serve populations at risk of chronic homelessness, including veterans, substance abusers, people with mental illness, victims of abuse and ex-offenders. Grants also go toward homeless youth and runaways.

Local Governments

Some local governments fund initiatives for homeless housing. Washington has one of the best programs for such grant proposals based on the amount of funding available at the county level. County offices in each state represent viable resources for homeless housing grant information at the local level.

Nonprofit Agencies

Nonprofit agencies that work with homeless populations may also award grants to serve at-risk populations. GrantWatch.com lists more than 400 grant opportunities for agencies on the front lines of homelessness prevention. In addition to housing grants for shelters and emergency services, GrantWatch lists funding opportunities for parenting classes, food pantries, counseling assistance and family stability services.

Private Businesses

Private businesses, foundations and funds give homeless housing grants to worthy organizations. For example, The Church & Dwight Employee Giving Fund, a nonprofit group that gives money to help with homeless housing issues such as rent stability, crisis counseling and utility payments, donated $10,000 to the Crisis Ministry of Mercer County.


Agencies receive grants for homeless housing projects from a variety of sources. The competitiveness of these grants depends on how much money is available and the needs of communities that require extra funding to serve large populations.

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