5 Great Resources for Finding Government Subsidized Apartments

May 7th 2016

What are government subsidized apartments?

Government subsidized apartments are homes that are created to provide affordable housing for eligible low-income families, as well as the elderly and people with disabilities. These apartments are available all over the country and in all kinds of forms, from large apartment complexes to small buildings to single-family detached units. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) provides federal aid to keep rent prices at levels the tenants can afford.

Who can live in Government Subsidized Housing?

Government subsidized apartments are reserved for low-income families and individuals. Your eligibility is based on your income, regardless of your status as a senior citizen, handicapped individual, or as a U.S. citizen (in most cases). To qualify, a family must have an income below the state standard of low income. If you meet this criteria, HUD will check some of your references, determine how much monthly rent you can afford, and find affordable housing for you. Your'e eligible to stay in government subsidized housing unless your income changes to allow you to pay private market prices for rent.

Where do I find them?

There are a number of ways to go about locating government subsidized housing. Keep in mind that only families who are eligible for apartment rental assistance and who meet the criteria set by the government will be able to qualify for government subsidized apartments.

Mercy Housing

Mercy Housing is a national non-profit organization that helps low-income populations, seniors and individuals with special needs find affordable housing across the country. They are committed to helping those in need find low-rent apartments. You can find more information on their website, including state-by-state contact information. They specialize in transitioning individuals and families from their current situations into comfortable and safe living environments.

My New Place

My New Place is an apartment search engine focused on helping low-income families and seniors find low-income housing and government subsidized apartments for rent. Their search engine covers many major cities and pulls together information on cheap rentals and subsidized housing into one compact source.

Social Serve

SocialServe.com is a not-for-profit organization that provides customized housing searches. They offer a professional call center to assist you with any questions about low-income housing, and to provide information on where to find lower rents in urban and rural areas.


APTFinder is a non-profit website that connects low-income residents with affordable apartments. The service is currently based in Washington state but is working to expand to other areas as well. It’s a great way to find government subsidized apartments and other affordable properties in the area.

Section 8

The Department of Housing and Urban Development runs a housing voucher program, and provides access to low-income housing. The voucher program gives low-income tenants a monthly voucher that they can use for apartment rent. The amount of the voucher is based on an assessment of how much the tenant can feasibly pay in accordance with the total amount of rent.

In today's economy, finding a suitable and safe housing arrangement at an affordable rate can be a struggle. With the help of great online resources and a little research, though, an affordable, comfortable home is just at your fingertips.

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