5 Budget-Friendly Streaming Service for Bona Fide Sports Fanatics

May 7th 2016

Finding ways to legally stream major sporting events can be difficult, but growing demand is creating more options. By experimenting a little and prioritizing your favorite sports, you can find the right affordable streaming service for your needs.

Pick Your League

If you only really follow one sports league, you may be in luck. Most of the major ones, including MLB, NFL and NHL, offer reasonably priced streaming services. These subscriptions usually cost $30 or less per month, which does add up quickly if you want to watch more than one. They also sometimes come with restrictions that prevent you from watching games airing on your local TV channels. This may be a good option for those who like to watch local games live or at a sports bar.

Choose Your Channel

More and more sports channels are offering subscription services as well. ESPN has an online streaming channel that is available for everyone, although it often focuses on minor league and college games. This can be a good supplement to a cable subscription or a way to keep up with less popular sports, such as soccer.

Piggyback on Your Cable

People who already have a cable subscription have plenty of online sports streaming options. These are usually included with a normal cable subscription, and you can access the channels through your computer, smartphone, smart TV or a streaming device such as a Roku. You usually have to create an online account with your cable provider so you can sync it up, since many of these channels require a cable subscription. However, this method allows you to stream ESPN, NBC Sports and others for free.

Try a Streaming Device

Some streaming devices have special deals or offers that let you legally watch sports channels or events without a cable subscription. One notable device is Sony Vue, which only works on the PlayStation. This service does not have many major sports channels as of 2015, but it does have soccer, rugby and other channels. It also offers many major broadcast channels, such as FOX, which may have major games.

Consider Sling TV

Sling TV, which is offered by Dish Network, is a good option for ESPN fans. This service, which costs about $20 as of 2015, lets you watch ESPN and ESPN2, among other channels. This gives you access to most major games and sports news, and there are plans to add additional sports access packages for a reasonable price.


Although modern technology is creating more streaming sites than ever, many sports fans remain stuck with a basic cable subscription. It is hard to safely and legally stream games, especially if you want to watch them live. The following are five cost-effective options that may help you cut the cable cord for good.

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