5 of the Best Sites for Restaurant Coupons

May 7th 2016

Eating at restaurants is always a treat; it usually comes with great food, a great atmosphere and great service. The drawback of eating in restaurants, however, is that it can be expensive. Between the cost of food, drinks and tipping, eating out can really break the bank, but it doesn’t have to. There are several ways to save money on restaurants, and one of the best is coupons. Restaurant coupons can be found in many ways – from magazines to newspapers to specialized coupon books. One great way to save money eating out today is via restaurant coupon websites. There are several websites on the Internet solely dedicated to gathering and offering restaurant coupons. Want to know about some of the best? Then check out the list below. It contains four great sites that offer promotions that can ultimately save you money.

1.     Groupon

Groupon’s not a traditional coupon site, but it is one of the best places to find special deals and promotions on restaurant meals. On Groupon, you can search by locale to find places near you offering deals, then purchase the deal for a fixed amount. Deals always vary, but a good example is spending $25 to get a $50 meal or a free bottle of wine, etc. Groupon has a small selection of vendors – only those restaurants who have partnered with the company -- so the choices aren’t many. When they are available, they are usually great deals and definitely worth your money.

2.     Restaurant.com

Restaurant.com is also not a traditional coupon site, but it’s a great way to save money on eating out. Restaurant.com offers gift certificates to restaurants for purchase, with discounted amounts so you end up saving money. For example, you can purchase a $50 gift certificate for a restaurant for $25, which then stipulates how much you must actually spend on a meal. There can be some caveats on restaurant.com, but it’s a great way to save money if you’re dining with a big group or already planning to spend a lot. Restaurant.com offers more of a selection than Groupon, so it’s a good place to go if you want variety.

3.     Fat Wallet.com

Fat Wallet is a more traditional coupon site. It's focused on special printable deals for customers and businesses. Fat Wallet contains different deals, like getting cash back on a purchase or a getting a cheaper price on a dish or meal. Fat Wallet has tons of entertainment and restaurant options, from Chili's to Pizza Hut to Chuck E. Cheese and more. Expect to find some of the nation’s best chain restaurants here, but not too many small independent retailers or upscale gourmet places.

4.     Valpak

Valpak is one of the most famous coupon resources in the world. For years, it has been putting out printed coupons to go shopping with. These deals cover everything from groceries to electronics to clothes. Valpak’s online resource now has restaurant coupons, offering you deals on meals in a specific local area. Just type in your ZIP code, and Valpak will show you what promotions are being offered in your area. Then, you can just click the coupon and print it straight from your home computer. Valpak continues to have a good smattering of restuarants – many more than some coupon sites.

5.     Living Social

Living Social is a site that is similar to Groupon. Living Social views itself as a local commerce platform, where customers and merchants can come to meet and exchange deails. Living Social features daily deals that expire, and it also features more upscale, regional or local businesses and not big national chains. Expect to find promotions or deals here on nice upscale places or more specialty restaurants. Living Social is for those smaller businesses and customers looking for a deal at a restaurant that is more specialized.








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