4 Online Resources to Help Your Job Hunt

May 7th 2016

Whatever field you want to move into or up in, there is a wide range of resources that can help. Check out these websites to find what works for you, and strengthen and hone your social media presence to maximize your job-hunting effectiveness.


Packed with informative articles, hints and tips and templates for applications, Job-Hunt.org is an excellent support tool. It does not have job listings, but it does have a lot of the support materials and information you need to make best use of other listings. In particular, the experts on this site offer a lot of advice about ways to use your own career and social networks to find a new job. Networking, both in real life and online, is one of the key tenets, and this site aims to help you do it more effectively and safely.


When you are looking to change careers because you are dissatisfied with your current company, you do not want to jump out of the frying pan into the fire. Glassdoor.com is a useful resource because in addition to providing job listings that you search by area, it also gives current and former employees of companies the chance to review their employment experience. This means you can get an insider's view of the company before you apply to check if it is a good fit for you. It also helps you tailor any application you make to the company's internal norms and expectations.


Monster is one of the largest global job search companies online. As well as Monster.com, the company holds subsidiary websites in Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France and the Netherlands, allowing you to search specifically in those countries if you are looking to move abroad. In addition to comprehensive listings of jobs searchable by area or field of interest, the sites include articles, advice and online community resources so job seekers can help one another.


Most job hunting websites focus on mainstream jobs, generally for private companies. If your passion lies more in social impact, it can therefore be tricky to hunt down and successfully apply for the right nonprofit job. IdealistCareers.org aims to help with that. It provides links to listings of nonprofit jobs and supportive websites in multiple countries. The listings for the United States are broken down further by sector, to help you hone in on appropriate posts. The site also carries articles on relevant topics such as burnout and leadership.


Finding a new job is an exciting yet difficult process, so additional support is always welcome. Local resources for job hunting support are often in high demand, particularly during times working people can access them. If this is affecting your job search, investigate the growing number of online resources that aim to provide help in an easily accessible format for job seekers wherever they may be.

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