MasterCard Credit Cards

May 7th 2016


The Interbank Card Association was formed by a group of banks, and they initially selected the card name as "Master Charge" in 1966. By 1969, several other banks joined the association, including National City Bank that was named as "Everything Card" and joined it with the Master Charge. In 1979, the name was once again changed to "The MasterCard." The MasterCard continued to develop, and by 2006, it expanded all over the world and finally named as the "MasterCard Worldwide."

How It Works

MasterCard Worldwide offers several features such as credit card accounts, damage waiver for cars rented, accident insurance coverage for travel and extended warranty on a purchased item purchased, provided MasterCard is used for the purpose. These cards give users the financial freedom and a solution for making immediate purchases that are very expensive.


By using a MasterCard credit card you can enjoy lots of benefits. MasterCard is a well recognized name around the world and can be used as a mode of payment in places where a credit card is accepted. You can choose secured or unsecured MasterCard credit cards as per your convenience. Even with your less than perfect credit, you still can enjoy the privileges offered by MasterCard credit privileges. Reward is another benefit offered by few credit cards, which will earn you points on every purchase. The earned reward can be used towards your next purchase.


You need to pay an annual fee for possessing a MasterCard credit card. This fee can vary from $30 to $200 per year depending on the type of MasterCard you use. Other costs associated with owning a MasterCard include charges for things you purchase, for example, crossing over your limit or paying with a check that is returned due to insufficient funds.


It's your personal decision whether to own a major credit card or not. You may get several opinions and advice from different people in getting a major credit card. Some suggest that before getting a credit card you should have a solid credit history. Others advices that the time to get a credit card is when you are very young to build credit that will help you in buying a home and other purchases. But the best time to buy a credit card is when you are ready to be financially accountable.


Most banks and many financial organizations offer MasterCard credit cards through their respective institutions. Because MasterCard is a major credit card that is available around the world, there are countless companies which offer MasterCard credit cards as one of their financial services to their customers.

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