3 First-Class Credit Card Options for International Travelers

May 7th 2016

Capital One VentureOne Credit Card

Individuals traveling aboard can opt for the Capital One VentureOne credit card because cardholders may be eligible for an elimination of foreign-currency transaction fees, which could save up to 4 percent on purchases. As of 2015, the VentureOne card also features a rewards program that earns travelers 1.5 miles for each eligible dollar spent on purchases nationally and internationally. Frequent flyers are not limited in the number of miles they can earn. For example, travelers who spend $15,000 have the potential to earn 30,000 miles, which is equivalent to a $300 airline ticket. Cardholders can redeem the points on travel expenses, airline purchases and hotels.

Chase Sapphire Preferred Credit Card

It is important to carry a credit card that does not charge international fees when traveling abroad. The Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card meets this criteria and offers reward programs to help with the expenses of traveling nearby or overseas. New cardholders can benefit from a $0 introductory annual fee for the first year and 40,000 bonus points in the reward program when $4,000 is spent within the first three months after opening the account. Cardholders who use Chase's booking tool boost the value of their accumulated reward points by 25 percent. Individuals who make national and international purchases commonly earn two points for each dollar spent on dining and travel. Points can also be transferred to a hotel or airline program to help decrease the expenses associated with traveling.

Bank of America Travel Rewards Credit Card

Individuals traveling internationally can take advantage of waived foreign transaction fees with the Bank of America Travel Rewards card. As well as no annual fee, perks for travelers include a flat 1.5 points on each dollar spent, and account holders with a Bank of America checking or savings account may receive a 10 percent dividend on the points earned. New cardholders may be offered 10,000 bonus points when making at least $500 in purchases during the first 90 days of the card's issue date.


Traveling internationally is exciting, but it can also be more expensive than necessary when using credit cards with international fees tied to each purchase. Travelers should investigate the terms of use for international travel and purchases on their credit cards before taking them on an overseas trip. Some cards offer travel protection, while others may impose fees for purchases and higher interest rates on international charges.

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