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May 7th 2016

The Importance of Business Logos in Brand Awareness

When cultivating brand awareness, a business needs to take into account factors influencing the way customers remember a brand. According to a study on the association between brand awareness and consumer/brand loyalty, these factors include brand recognition, brand recall, top-of-mind brand and dominant brand.

In all of these factors, a strong business logo is essential. A business logo is a recognizable image that evokes a positive emotional reaction towards your product (brand recognition), and with exposure, cements the image in the mind of your customers (brand recall). Over time, consumers will envision your logo, and by extension associate your business, when your product category is mentioned (top-of-mind brand). This is a sure way to establishing brand dominance; customers only recall your brand in association with a product item.

Business Logo Design Considerations

Business2Community writes about the importance of designing your business logo with utmost care; “Your logo design should not be elaborate or complex; it should be simple, clean, and attention-grabbing. Other advice they offer:  

  • Keep the design tidy so it’s recognizable and easy to remember.
  • Think of how can you make the logo “stick” in the consumer’s mind.
  • Choose one or two colors. Never use more than three.
  • Design in black and white first, then choose your colors.

Remember to research the emotional effects of the colors you use; consider both societal symbolism and subconscious psychological associations.

 If you’re also designing a company website, be sure to correlate your layout with your business logo; they need to be unified. Follow the color rule here, as well.

Color and Emotion in Business Logos

It’s worthwhile to discuss the role color plays in stimulating emotional reactions. The Logo Company’s Color Emotion Guide showcases a range of business logos and the emotions the businesses seek to invoke based on the colors in their logos. Orange is associated with optimism, clarity and warmth; here we see Sprint, Best Buy, National Geographic and Sun Chips. For purple, associated qualities are creativity, imagination, and wisdom. Brands that use purple include TMobile, Barbie, Yahoo, Welch’s and Taco Bell. For blue, trust, dependability and strength are invoked. Businesses with logos harnessing the power of blue include Dell, Lowes, Oreo, Facebook and HP. It’s crucial to note that choosing colors without considering emotional implications can have the opposite impression on customers from what you want to establish.

Hiring a Business Logo Designer

If you’d rather avoid the hassle of creating your own business logo, you can always hire a graphic designer. When interviewing graphic designers, be sure to ask them for: their track record and success in designing sticky logos, samples of logos they’ve done and the names of companies they’ve designed for.

Consider your budget before hiring a graphic designer. If your funds are scarce, and you need to hire someone for a minimal fee, realize that person may have less training or schooling, and the quality of the design may be compromised. However, this is not always the case and asking for samples and references should help clear up any doubts.

Your business logo creates brand awareness, which, hopefully, leads to customer loyalty,  brand dominance and, eventually, a top-of-mind brand. Choose your design with utmost care. If you're not comfortable creating the logo yourself, hire a professional to do it for you. 

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