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May 7th 2016


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What is an affidavit?

Your word may be your bond, but your word is definitely bonded by oath when you sign an affidavit. An affidavit is a statement of fact where your signature indicates your oath, and someone authorized to administer oaths – usually a notary – witnesses that you signed it and that you are who you say you are.

When do you need an affidavit?

You need to execute an affidavit if you have been called upon to make a declaration of fact, usually as part of a contract or other legal process. Types of affidavits range from General Affidavits about sworn facts to an Affidavit of Execution – basically witnessing a signature.

Why do your own?

Legal services are expensive. According to Lawyers.com, retainers, hourly rates and contingent fees, as well as flat fees for services, can mount up to between $50 to $100 an hour or more. Also, they bill for everything, from time on the phone to legal document production. If you want to save on legal fees and know a notary public who doesn’t charge a lot, you might want to go online and download, fill out and sign your own affidavit form.

Where to look online

The following is an alphabetical list of a few the many online resources for downloading affidavits:

Business in a Box - http://www.biztree.com/pages/_op/2013.10.17/01/?d=/doc/affidavit-of-execution-D5182

  • Description. Business in a Box is a      downloadable templates application that, among other business and legal      forms, has a large inventory of affidavit templates.
  • Fees. To access these      templates, you must install the Business-in-a-Box software and pay the      license fee.

DocstocCustom.com - https://www.docstoccustom.com/

  • Description. On the site’s homepage,      select Legal and choose from the four choices of affidavits on      the menu. Select Affidavit Form and GET STARTED NOW.Then choose      from the Select State drop-down menu on the new page that opens.      Once you register, you can opt for the three-day free trial and get the      affidavit form to complete online.
  • Fees. Fees are based on a      monthly subscription ranging from about $10 to $15, depending on the plan      you purchase. You must provide your credit card information to get the      free trial and download your affidavit.

FindLegalForms.com - http://www.findlegalforms.com/-forms/affidavits/

  • Description. Go to this site for a      variety of ready-to-use, affidavit downloads. File types include MS Word,      Adobe, Word Perfect and Rich Text Format, which are compatible with      Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.
  • Fees. Fees cover an      eSignature with each order.

FormSwift.com - http://formswift.com/select-affidavit-type

  • Description. Select from four      choices of affidavits, and complete the series of questionnaire boxes. You      get to complete everything and view the final product. Before you can      export the final product, you must create an account and provide your      credit card information.
  • Fees. On FormSwift.com, fees      are by monthly subscription. You sign up for a free seven-day trial period      and download a free affidavit. After seven days, you’ll be automatically      charged the first month’s subscription fees.

LawDepot.com - http://www.lawdepot.com/contracts/groups/misc/

  • Description. Go to the site’s      General Use Forms and Select Affidavit.
  • Fees. Created by a monthly      subscription. You can download a free affidavit after you      create a free account, complete the template questionnaire and select a      trial subscription. You must, however, provide your credit card      information and withdraw your membership after one week or be charged for      the monthly subscription.

RocketLawyer.com - https://www.rocketlawyer.com/form/affidavit.rl

  • Description. Click on the Select      State down arrow, and select Make Document to fill in an      online template for your affidavit.
  • Fees. For this site, fees are      created by monthly subscription. You can get a free affidavit, but you      must register for the one-week trial period and provide your credit card      number.

USLegalForms.com - http://www.uslegalforms.com/affidavits/

  • Description. Click on the Select by      State tab, and choose from a wide selection of affidavit forms for instant      download, mail and download, or have your affidavit prepared by a      professional.
  • Fees. Fees can range from      about $10 for instant download of a General Affidavit to $25 for      professional preparation.


In your quest to find an affidavit template, you’ll quickly find that, like lunches, there are no really free affidavit templates. You either pay upfront or go through the hassle of registering on the site and giving up your credit card information. However, considering the high cost of legal services, it might just be worth the trouble. Then, again, you’ll still have to give some notary money for that signature and embossed stamp on your affidavit.


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