The Top 5 Logo Creation Applications

May 7th 2016
Brand recognition comes in many forms, but none are so prominent as a brand's logo. Your brand has the instant recognition that comes to mind from hours and hours of commercials and product placements. In order to enhance your brand recognition, you'll want a logo that symbolizes your company while also having a distinctive design. General graphic design software is commonly used for logo design, but specialty tools are available if you want a more focused product for your logo design needs. 
Logo Creator
The Logo Creator does exactly what the name implies: it's a streamlined system that makes it simple for a business to create a logo. You don't need a graphic design background to create a logo with this software. It supports Mac and PC platforms, creates logos or page headers and is renowned for its user-friendly attributes. This is a $37 software package that has pre-made design elements and fonts that work well with logos for many brands. Use this tool to create a logo that sets you apart from the other businesses on the block.
Logo Yes
Logo Yes is a web-based logo creation application that allows you to start the logo design process for free. You have full access to 20,000 different design elements, along with a full range of colors and other options to create a customized logo. This service specializes in logos that look good in a variety of formats, including in black and white. The advantage that a service like this has over a base installed software comes with the updates. Design elements get swapped around for fresh, new looks frequently. Another innovative feature is the social aspect; you have the option to share your logo with your friends before selecting the one that best fits your business.
AAA Logo
AAA Logo is a basic logo creation software that works off of logo templates. Instead of developing the logo concept from scratch, you can select from a template to get started. This software offers 8,000 design elements and additional effects. In addition to logos, this tool is designed to facilitate other small graphic design projects, such as buttons for your website and business cards. The logos output in high resolution, so you won't have any problem getting them printed on brochures and other marketing collateral. The application is simple, even for complete beginners to use, so you don't have much of a learning curve to contend with.
Logo Design Studio Pro
Logo Design Studio Pro is a step up from other logo design software. This $39.99 PC software package opens up complex logo design options. If you want your logos to be more than the odd symbol with your business name, this may be the tool for you. 
One of the most useful features in this system is vector graphic creations. A vector-based graphic is one that can be resized without any quality loss or distortion. This is an invaluable tool for a logo that needs to be blown up to banner size for conventions, or shrunk down for business cards. The software package includes 750 commercial use fonts to expand your font range, 6,000 different shapes, a variety of effects, exporting into commonly used formats, 2,000 industry specific templates and up to 1200 dpi resolution.
SoThink Logo Maker and SoThink Logo Maker Pro
SoThink Logo Maker and SoThink Logo Maker Pro, $39 and $59 products respectively, take an Office GUI approach to the logo creation process. This familiar interface makes it easy for anyone to jump in and start creating logos immediately. The program comes with hand-drawing tools that allow you to design your own logo elements, resources and effects. Graphic design tools and pre-built color schemes help you make the best logo possible. This program is good for the beginner who has only ever used their computer for Microsoft Office before, as the interfaces are remarkably similar. 
Creating a logo for your brand can be both exciting and overwhelming. Try out a few of the logo-creation tools mentioned above and kick-start your branding campaign today.
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