The Art of Re-Entering the Workplace

May 7th 2016

If you are not quite ready to give up working or plan to re-enter the job market, here are some helpful ideas for finding senior employment.

Your Talents are Essential

Over your lifetime and career, you have built up a portfolio of skills that are now ready to be unleashed on the job market. Experience counts for a lot, and practical skills are in demand. How often have you needed to meet a deadline or deal with a difficult person? These are skills learned from experience that are just the thing an employer needs. From managing change to giving practical advice to customers about products in a hardware store, these are valued abilities. You might be 70 years old, but your grammar and punctuation skills learned at school are probably still sharp today, unlike the text speak of younger people. This is an attribute that’s in demand. Start by making a list of all the life skills you have built up over the years, and think about how they could transfer to a new job.

Check Out the Internet

When you left college, chances are that you did not use the Internet as it hadn’t been invented. The World Wide Web has transformed the workplace today. This also brings opportunities for you. If you don’t know how to use a computer or surf the net, then start by taking a basic course to come to grips with these tools. This will make a difference and make you more employable. Many jobs are advertised online these days, so it also gives you a chance to check out potential employers. Another big change since you left school is the number of jobs available online where people work from home. If you care for someone or just need a few extra hours, you could be based anywhere in the world to take those jobs.

Use Your Imagination

Not only has the Internet changed the jobs that are available to you, but the types of jobs available when you started working have changed too. Jobs you never imagined are out there now, and with skills that can transfer to a new role, there is nothing quite like the present to check some of them out. From nail technician to family history researcher, you could turn your talents to some lucrative work.

Do You Want to Return to your Old Job?

Without a doubt, your last job is still on your mind. Some people return to their previous roles quite happily. Sometimes it is no longer possible because the job either no longer exists or could require a fitter person. When looking for a new job as a senior, it might be possible to return to an old job with training which appeals to some people. It is also an excellent opportunity to gather all the skills you have and try your hand at something completely different. If you were in a senior position before leaving, it can be difficult to return to the same place as a junior, so finding an alternative post is worth considering. Tour guide anyone? What about a seamstress or a translator?

Look After Yourself

Working all day can be tiring, and you will need to show that you are fit and able to take a job. Make sure you look after yourself by doing some gentle exercise, like walking and swimming, and by treating yourself now and again. While you don’t need to be at the gym every day pumping iron, you do need to move around and keep your energy levels up.

With opportunities around these days that you never thought possible, the world of employment for seniors is opening up rapidly. You still have many years to give and talents to use to their best advantage. Let your imagination run wild and check out the opportunities for senior employment today.

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