Seniors Take Advantage of the Best Resources in Your Job Search

May 7th 2016

The standard of yesterday might have been working at the same job until retirement time, then exiting the workforce as soon as possible, but times have changed. Some seniors find that they may not have the resources available for a comfortable retirement. Perhaps they lost a pension when a company closed or their retirement funds took a large hit. Maybe they were not able to save sufficient amounts because of losses in earning power over the last few years of their career. Still others are seeking personal fulfillment through continuing in their work or even trying something entirely new.

Best Resources for Your Job Search

Probably the best place to start your job search is through AARP. A wealth of information is available through their work portal that covers everything from what kind of jobs are available to how to seek out new opportunities you might not have even considered. In addition, topics such as retirement funding and personal fulfillment are thoroughly discussed. One of the best options that uses online tools are the webinars you can sign up for. Although AARP is a membership organization, you do not have to be a member to access most of the information.

The Senior Community Service Employment Program is a federally funded undertaking that is administered at the state and local level through various agencies. The program pays low-income seniors to work part-time in roles that assist the community. Participants cannot be earning more than 125% of the federal poverty level and are paid a modest wage. The associated page on the Illinois Department on Aging website offers a good overview of what is available everywhere.

Job listing sites, like and, offer thousands of senior employment opportunities for older workers. Search through for intriguing jobs and apply online. Links in the sites provide access to informational pages that cover topics like resume building, strategies for building confidence and job hunting tactics for senior veterans. The Department of Veterans website also has resources for older vets.

Take Advantage of Seasonal Work

Seasonal positions are an excellent choice for older people seeking the social interactions that come with senior employment and some extra income. Thousands of retail positions are open each holiday season. Lesser known options include helping out at daycare facilities when kids are out of school and joining tax preparation services. Companies like Liberty Tax provide training that can allow seniors to work flexible hours preparing taxes from January through April.

Home-Based Alternatives

Another option for seniors looking to earn a little extra income is working from home. One of the best ways to snag a job working out of your house is to look for something in the field you were in when you were in the workplace full-time. Often, companies have tasks that can translate into a few hours of work a week at home. Specialty retailers that focus on demonstrations in the home are an option. if you want to share your knowledge about a particular topic, there are online writing sites that are looking for good writers with experiences to share. Tutoring students can be a way to earn extra dollars as well.

It’s important to know that you are not alone when you begin your job search. That’s good because it means there are numerous resources committed to helping seniors find work. The downside is that there is a lot of competition. Being informed about where to look for help can give you the advantage.

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