How to Score a Discount on Dumpster Rental Services

May 7th 2016

Renting a dumpster does not have to blow your project budget. Take the time to understand your needs, shop around and ask about discounts before you sign a rental agreement.

Know Your Needs

Understand the waste removal demands of your project before you call a dumpster rental service. Most companies can recommend an appropriate container when you provide a good estimate of the amount of debris you expect to throw away. Discuss the type of waste, any acquired permits and other project details, as well as your budget, with the rental provider to find the best bargain.

Compare Fees and Additional Charges

It is always a good idea to shop around before making a decision to purchase any product or service. When comparing dumpster rental services, pay close attention to what the price includes and any additional charges that may be incurred over the rental period. Some companies add a weight-based dump fee to the rental price once you fill the container, while others charge a flat rental rate based on the size of the container. The rental terms may also be subject to weight limits and other restrictions.

Go Local

Small businesses not only support the local economy, they often offer better rates than regional and national dumpster rental chains. Most reputable business owners are more than willing to provide references, licensing and other information upon request. It is also easier to negotiate prices when you deal with a small, local company. Some owners may take trades as payment, while others may match prices or offer a discount to customers who ask.

Pay Attention to Usage Restrictions

Hidden charges and surprise fees most often occur when a user overlooks certain stipulations and restrictions. For example, you may be charged more if you place tree branches in a container intended for general household garbage, or the service provider may charge additional disposal fees for hazardous materials. Also review the company's policies regarding the length of the rental period and the cost of renewal.

Ask About Available Discounts

Many businesses offer discounts to customers who meet specified conditions. Discount programs are often available to senior citizens, military personnel and members of local organizations. Special promotions and customer loyalty programs also provide money-saving opportunities. Locally owned dumpster rental services may offer discounts during winter and other slow periods.


Whether you are cleaning out the garage or removing trees to make room for a swimming pool, a dumpster rental service may be a cost-effective way to get rid of your debris. Dumpster rental prices depend on a variety of factors, ranging from the company and your location to the type of waste and the size of the container. There are a few ways to ensure you get the absolute best deal.

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