Saving Money By Printing Your Own Business Cards

By Matthew Cenzon. May 7th 2016

If you are running your own small business, one of the first things you’ve probably considered is having some business cards made. While ordering and having your own business cards printed by a printing company has become a lot more convenient in recent years, it’s still an added expense most people would like to avoid. This is why many business owners have taken advantage of free and low cost tools to print their own business cards. By doing this, they are saving themselves time and money on a vital business tool.

Benefits Of Having Your Own Business Cards

Some business owners may think that having their own business cards is a waste of money. However, there are many advantages for having a stack of personal business cards handy at all times:

  • Branding: Business cards give people an idea of what you’re business is about.
  • Recognition: You can use your business cards as a promotional tool to acquire more clients.
  • Perks: Many establishments offer giveaways and discounts if you present them with a business card.
  • Professionalism: Having your own business cards can help with credibility and looking more professional.
  • Location: You can inform potential customers and clients about multiple business locations.
  • Appointments: Business cards can be used as appointment reminders.
  • Other key information: You can include text in another language, showing you offer bilingual service.

Printing Your Own Business Cards

A great way to save on the expenses for your small business is to print your own business cards. In the past, one would have to order a batch of business cards from a printing company. While the prices of business card printing have dropped considerably, ordering them from an outside source can still create an inconvenience. For example, you might not order the right amount, or you might change your mind about the card’s template or design. You might even decide to change the name of your business right after receiving your order of business cards. Then what?

By printing your own business cards, you have the following advantages:

  • You never have to worry about minimum order quantities.
  • You have the convenience of changing the template or design whenever you’d like.
  • You can print a variety of styles, which would probably cost extra from a printing company.
  • You can cut out the hassle of waiting for your order to be processed and shipped.
  • You can print out some business cards the moment you need them.

Free Business Card Printing Tools

If you’re running your own business, you’re likely to have most of the tools needed to print your own business cards. If you require a business card template or some type of design software, you can easily find free business card printing tools online. Business card templates and design software can be downloaded for free either for trial use, or with less features than the purchased product. In most cases, the free version is all you really need to print out a few business cards for yourself.

Business Card Printing Paper

Now that you have most of the tools to begin printing your own business cards, all that is left is the printing paper. This is the only real expense you will have for printing your own business cards. You can find the right paper at most office supply stores or online at affordable prices. This type of paper is sturdier than normal printing paper, making your business cards feel more substantial in a person’s hands. They can even come matte-coated for a more professional presentation. Many companies that sell business card paper also offer free, pre-designed templates on their company websites.

Bottom Line

Don’t let the hassle and printing costs of ordering your own business cards prevent you from having a valuable company tool. Printing your own business cards is a convenient way to promote your business without spending a whole lot of money.

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