5 Tips on the Best Time to Negotiate a Raise

May 7th 2016

At the Annual Review

Annual reviews are common practice and offer employees the opportunity to receive feedback on their performance. A one-on-one meeting with a supervisor, especially when positive feedback is provided, may be the best time to negotiate a raise. Employees who have documentation of their successes, accomplishments and positive traits


It may be difficult or intimidating to step into the supervisor's office and request a raise. However, employees who have earned the admiration of management and have proven to be an asset to the company have a better chance of obtaining a raise if the time is right.

Identify appropriate times during the year to negotiate a raise. "Salary.com" When is the best time of year to ask for a raise?
http://www.salary.com/best-time-for-raise/ "Monster.com" Use your annual review to negotiate a raise

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